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Zombies are a common enemy that spawns during the night on the surface or when the player is in the jungle at night or underground. Zombies attack by walking into the player and jumping when they need to get past something. During the night, Zombies will come to the player's home and try to break open any Wooden Door available, although they are only able to during a Blood Moon. They can be a serious threat to new players, which makes it a good idea to build a home before the first night. They are an easy enemy to kill when they are alone, but they usually appear in large groups, making them a challenge to new players.

Note: Placing a trench in front of a door will stop zombies from knocking it down, as they cannot jump and knock at the same time.

Zombie Types

Standard Zombie Variants
Pincushion Zombie

These zombies have several arrows sticking out of their bodies. They have higher health, attack, and defense than regular zombies. In addition to the regular zombie drops, they will always drop at least one Wooden Arrow.

Bald Zombie

These zombies are effectively cosmetic variants of the standard Zombie. They have their own Data ID, higher damage, lower HP and defense, and they do not have a "Clawed" variant in Expert Mode.

Slimed Zombie

These zombies appear as regular zombies with their head encased in slime. They have slightly less health and attack than regular zombies, but will always drop at least one Gel. They also have a 0.01% chance of dropping a Slime Staff.

Swamp Zombie

These zombies are bald and do not use any red in their color palette. They have lower attack than other zombies, but move faster and have higher defense and knockback resistance. It seems like Swamp Zombies have green blood instead of red.

Twiggy Zombie

These zombies appear to have a sapling growing out of their heads. They have higher attack than regular zombies, but lower defense.

Female Zombie

These zombies have blue eyes instead of red ones, wears a red sweater, and appear to have a white flower in their hair. They have the lowest attack, defense, and health of all the zombies.

Biome and Event Variants
Raincoat Zombie

These Zombies don't have any other appearances, or abilities and wear a yellow Rain Hat and Rain Coat, both of which they have a chance of dropping when killed. These zombies can only spawn when it is raining.

Frozen Zombie

These are the Snow Biome variant of Zombies. They have the same stats as the Pincushion Zombie but drop the Snow Armor that they wear.

Spore Zombie

These and the Mushroom Zombies are the strongest in the game. They spawn in Glowing Mushroom Biomes. This one is a fast zombie with spores around its body, dealing higher damage but having lower HP and defense. They are able to open doors at any time.

Mushroom Zombie

These and the Spore Zombies are the strongest zombies in the game. They spawn in Glowing Mushroom Biomes. with a mushroom cap, which is more resistant to knockback, has more attack, defense, and health, but is slower. Like Spore Zombies, they can open doors at any time.

Blood Zombie

These zombies spawn during the Blood Moon event. They have 75 Health and are slower than a regular zombies but speed up when they see the player. There is a chance that they will drop a Shark Tooth Necklace or Money Trough upon death.

Nurse Zombie

This is a special event variant of the zombie for the Halloween season. It has no special drops and above average stats.

Superhero Zombie

This is a special event variant of the zombie for the Halloween season. It has no special drops and above average stats.

Pixie Zombie

This is a special event variant of the zombie for the Halloween season. It has no special drops and above average stats.

Santa Zombie

This is a special event variant of the zombie for the Christmas season. It has no special drops and average stats.

Sweater Zombie

This is a special event variant of the zombie for the Christmas season. It has no special drops and average stats.

Doctor Bones

Main article: Doctor Bones
The Groom

Main article: The Groom
The Bride

Main article: The Bride


  • When it becomes day, Zombies will walk off the screen and de-spawn if there is nothing blocking their path. Following them will prevent them from de-spawning. During this time, they will not be hostile unless they are touched.
  • Zombies can jump 3 blocks across and 6 blocks high, which means you can easily trap them using a pit.
  • Zombies don't target NPCs and will only focus on players. If, however, a Zombie walks into an NPC, he or she will take damage and can be killed.
  • In Hard Mode, Zombies appear to spawn less frequently when a full moon rises, due to the spawning of Werewolves.
  • Zombies have one "good" leg and one "bloody" leg, and appear to be dragging the bloody leg.
  • In the Console Version and Mobile Version, there is a Pet Zombie, summoned by the Brain.
  • During a Blood Moon, about 1 in 70 zombies are Grooms instead.
  • When it is raining during the night, Zombies wearing rain jackets will spawn. These zombies have a chance to drop the Rain Coat and Rain Hat.
  • All zombies except the spore zombies have a very small chance to drop the bladed gloves during the Halloween Event.

Update Info


  • Zombies now display their names as per their specific variants, rather than the generic "Zombie".


  • Added Blood Zombie.



  • Costumed Zombies no longer open doors on non Blood Moon nights.




  • Added zombie texture with exposed brain.


PC release

  • Added to the game.


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