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The Wyvern is a a hardmode miniboss that spawns in the sky. It's a serpent-like dragon with small legs. In 3DS and old-gen console versions, it has a stronger version called the Arch Wyvern.

It will only spawn when the player is at sky level (300+ feet, 500+ feet, and 1,000+ feet on small, medium, and large worlds respectively). Wyverns spawn at the same altitude as Harpies. It seems to spawn lower than this on Blood Moons and in The Hallow. This enemy is very strong and can be dangerous for players without good armor and defense. Lingering in one spot and taking the full brunt of its attack can rack up a lot of damage, even with good Defense. Be aware that once the Wyvern is spawned, he will follow you, even if you use a magic mirror. The only way to escape is to either kill him, let him kill you, or go deeply underground.

Wyvern trading card.


The Wyvern has a specific attack pattern; it will dash straight at the player when it spawns, with a slight tracking behavior. Once it has passed the player, it will curl up at a point just off-screen and return for another dash. The pattern resembles the figure 8. Listed below are some of the strategies known to work against this enemy.

Wood Platforms

A good strategy is to make 2 wide platforms out of Wood Platforms, one above the other, and when the Wyvern appears, stand on the lower platform and just move left or right a little. Time the jumps to the moment when the head almost touches the player. One should be able to dodge its attacks most of the time.


Make a Skybridge in the atmosphere (where gravity has less effect). Use at least ~300 blocks so you can do a full run, jump, and float with Spectre Boots + Cloud in a Balloon twice. Then run fast so the Wyvern follows you in a more or less straight line, shooting him with piercing weapons along his length. If you reach the end of your bridge, turn around and run the other way. Terraria_How_to_Easily_Defeat_a_Wyvern

Flight Items

With Rocket Boots, Spectre Boots, or Wings, one can go through a repetitive motion of jumping and flying to the left/right, attack from above, wait for it to come back into sight, rinse, repeat.


Combat against a wyvern with a palladium sword

If one has a relatively powerful sword, like an Ice Sickle or one of the higher tier ore swords (Fiery Greatsword or better), it can easily be killed with good timing. It will always charge at the player from above and come into the range of swords, which is ideal for swords usage. A Hermes Boots or better is needed as they can make the difference in dodging its attacks. When it charges down from the left side, run left towards it and pass right beneath its head. The time it well so it barely misses, then hit it with a sword as it tries to bend because of its slight tracking nature. A lot of damage can be dealt with when the sword hits multiple segments. This doesn't require some sort of arena. The running space a floating island gives usually is more than enough to dodge the attacks.

Gravitation Potion

Get a relatively powerful flail (Sunfury or a Dao of Pow) for melee, piercing weapons for range and magic. Once a Wyvern spawns, use the potion to alternate falling up and down while staying horizontally still. As the Wyvern is approaching from above or below, aim directly along the length of its body with one's weapon of choice. Aimed correctly, the Wyvern's HP will drop tremendously.


Build a house for the Nurse away from other NPCs. Wait for the Wyvern to spawn, and stand right above where the Nurse is, making sure one can still interact with her. The Wyvern will do a figure of 8 to hit the character (when standing still). Simply use a weapon of one's choice, and healing with the nurse whenever health is low(Try to stand 10 blocks away so the nurse doesn't die while the Wyvern is attacking).

Freefall with Magic Mirror

Build a small house at the top of the world with a bed inside. Set this house as the Spawn Point. When it appears, simply jump out and begin attacking the Wyvern with one's weapon(s) of choice. If it's not killed by the time the ground is close-by, simply use the mirror to do it again.

Floating Island Houses

The best weapons of choice are weapons that can ricochet, like Cursed Flame/Meteor Shot. Enter a house on a Floating Island and close the door (alternatively, a box high in the sky can be built). Then, simply wait until the Wyvern spawns, and as soon as it sticks its head in, shoot. The bouncing projectiles should deal a ton of damage on the Wyvern.

Slime Mount Strategy

For this strategy you will need the Slimy Saddle, A powerful Yo-yo, like the Amarok, or a rapid fire ranged/magic weapon, Like a Minishark or better with Cursed Bullets/Ichor Bullets or Crystal Storm. Build a skybridge at least 100 blocks long, and wait for the Wyvern to spawn. once the Wyvern swoops in, time your jump with the slime mount and bounce on the Wyvern while using your weapon. The slime mount will bounce on Its segments and damage it while you damage it with your weapon of choice. Keep repeating this process until the Wyvern is dead.

General Tips

  • Using Ranged weapons can be much more effective than melee, especially those which could pierce through enemies (Flamethrower), or have a really high DPS. (Megashark)
  • If one has Demon Scythe, Water Bolt, Laser Rifle or Magical Harp, it may take very high damage if lined-up with the projectiles' trajectory.
  • For melee, Death Sickle/Ice Sickle can be a very effective weapon against this enemy.
  • The Slime Mount has an high jump speed and evade the Wyvern's charging attack easily.
  • If lined up properly, the Magic Dagger can deal very heavy damage to the Wyvern, due to its extremely fast attack speed and piercing ability.
  • The Orichalcum Armor set's ability can quickly damage the Wyvern if the projectile is lined up properly.
  • If you have it, the Honeyed Goggles mount can be helpful with spawning the Wyvern and initiating the fight. After seeing the Wyvern, drop down on the mount. The Wyvern is faster than the mount, but it will not attempt to turn towards you if you move to the side at the last second. As you're falling, attack it with a piercing weapon (such as the Poison Staff) or a strong flail (like the Dao of Pow)


  • The Wyvern looks very similar to Haku (in his dragon form) from the movie Spirited Away. Some believe it also bears a vague resemblance to Falkor the Luck Dragon from The Neverending Story, as well as the Eidolons from Final Fantasy 4, which makes sense because it was added to Terraria at the same time as a Final Fantasy Based Costume (Clown Clothes) and Weapon (Breaker Blade).
  • Strange enough, the text book definition of the Wyvern from legend describes it as a scaly serpentine dragon with only two legs, a sharp or barbed tail and most times, has one pair of wings. This description is completely different than the Terrarian take on the Wyvern which may be due to the fact the Terrarian Wyvern is a reference to something else, as stated above.
  • The Angler says that Wyverns are born as tadpoles, and refers to them as being "actually like.. well, a frog!"
  • According to the Steam trading card of the Wyvern, it is possible that they are the reason for the lack of NPCs in the Sky Islands.


  • Upon death, it drops 5-20 Souls of Flight where the head was in its final moment. The souls can be used to craft Wings.
  • A Wyvern won't follow you deep into the ground, so an effective way of evading one is to drop down into a mining shaft.
  • Wyverns can sometimes die inside of blocks, requiring the player to mine through to get the drops.
  • Another Wyvern can spawn instantly after one is killed, so be careful where the fight is held. If the player is at the height where Wyverns can spawn, one may appear immediately.
  • It's possible for a Wyvern to spawn where the players can see it when the players are near the top of the map. When it spawns it starts curled up in a ball shape.
  • When a Wyvern is hit it will make a plip sound instead of a monster getting hit, sounding like tiles getting hit. It also makes a different sound upon death.
  • When a Wyvern dies it will disappear in a puff of dust.
  • It's advisable not to kill a Wyvern above the sky limit, as its souls may get stuck at an unreachable location above the atmosphere.
  • The Wyvern is immune to lava-like all other burrowing monsters.
  • It's possible to farm Wyverns for money as one of them will drop at least 1 Gold Coin, and the Souls of Flight will sell for 2 Silver Coin each.
  • During Blood Moons, Wyverns can spawn on large hills. Because of this, housing NPCs at a high altitude is not recommended.
  • In the 3DS Version there is an upgraded version of this monster called the Arch Wyvern.


  • Sometimes, if a Wyvern is killed in multiplayer when the server is laggy, its head will stay and keep attacking you. The head will also still do damage but is killed in one hit of any weapon.
  • Wyverns may get knocked back a little bit when hit by an attack in laggy multiplayer servers.
  • If you die while fighting the Wyvern, it may follow you back to your spawn point.
  • A common glitch is that the body will disappear, leaving the head. On multiplayer, it's possible that only one server has glitched, and the other players are still able to see it. When this happens, the Wyvern can still take and give damage, as the body has not actually 'disappeared', but rather it's 'invisible'.
  • Sometimes if you kill him, he drops a few silver coins instead of 1 gold.

Update info


  • Sprite updated.


  • Wyvern spawn rate lowered, and can no longer spawn at ground level.


  • Added to the game.


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