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A brand new fully revealed world

Comparison of small, medium and large world sizes.

Upon creating a new world, the player is given a choice between 3 world sizes: Small, Medium and Large.

  • Small - 4200 blocks wide and 1200 blocks high, sky limit about 360-370 blocks above underground level. Small worlds have a total of 5,040,000 blocks, including those not accessible due to the cutoff at the border.
  • Medium - 6400 blocks wide and 1800 blocks high, sky limit about 450-600 blocks above underground level. A Medium world has 11,520,000 blocks, which is about 2.2x the size of a Small world (in # of blocks).
  • Large - 8400 blocks wide and 2400 blocks high, sky limit about 800-900 blocks above underground level. A Large world has 20,160,000 blocks, exactly 1.75x the size of a Medium world and 4x the size of a Small world.

The Underground layer is a level where there is a transition between dirt background that can be removed and dirt/rock background that cannot be removed (note that walls can be placed on this irremovable background).

Sky, ground level, stone layer and underground layer (underground jungle being part of it) seem to be affected from scaling while the size of the dungeon (not including the corridor leading down) and Underworld (always 180-200 blocks from the lower border of the world) seem to be affected only slightly. Depth of the Corruption chasms are also affected only slightly with a small chance of spawning chasms down to the underground level, regardless of how deep they are.

It appears that, in larger worlds, resources are much farther apart from each other in comparison to the smaller world types. This means that in smaller worlds, resources are much easier to locate and mine - see the map viewer fragments in the gallery below for comparison. On a large map, corruption can, although rare, stretch down far underground, potentially reaching close, or to, the Underworld.

World sizes can be changed from programs similar to TEdit.

Shots were taken from the zone 600x450 blocks at corrupted area for better comparison.


  • In any lighting mode other than Trippy or Retro (color and white), the 17 blocks at either end of the world will be cut off by the screen and the player cannot proceed past that point. This can be annoying as sometimes there will be ocean/shadow chests hidden off screen. One can quickly fix this by pressing F9 to change the lighting mode to Trippy or Retro, and then changing back after you have explored the area.(fixed as of 1.2)
  • Sometimes a world may have cutoff after 1200 feet on the jungle side and 800 on dungeon side. This also cuts off somewhere before the cavern layer starts. The land soon grows back after a period of time. (see picture)
  • Sometimes the world size will show up as Unknown - this means the world's size information is not recognized by the game engine. This could be because of the map has been created in older versions, downloaded from the internet or made with world editor.

An instance when a player reaches the cutoff site around 1200 feet (could be the end of the world)