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The Wizard is a NPC that sells mana-related items. Once the Wall of Flesh has been defeated, the Wizard can be found anywhere underground, or sometimes he can be found in the dungeon. Using the Hunter Potion will highlight the Wizard to be easily found in the dark. The Wizard only sells materials to be made into spells by the player, and doesn't sell premade spells. The Ice Rod is the only premade item that the Wizard sells that isn't a crafting material. All of the things he sells can only be bought from him and cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Once unbound, if he comes into line of sight with an enemy, he will shoot fireballs that resemble the Flower of Fire to defend himself. It is currently unknown how much damage these fireballs do, but they have been observed to do 19 damage to a Floaty Gross and 26 damage to a Skeleton Archer.



Items Price
Crystal Ball 10 Gold Coin
Ice Rod 1 Platinum Coin
Greater Mana Potion 10 Silver Coin
Bell 1 Gold Coin
Harp 1 Gold Coin
Spell Tome 5 Gold Coin
Music Box 10 Gold Coin

Wizard Quotes


  • "Well, hi there, <name of random NCP with the same gender as the player>! What can I do for you today?"
  • "Are you here for a peek at my crystal ball?"
  • "Ever wanted an enchanted ring that turns rocks into slimes? Well neither did I." (reference to the first mod in Terraria where you could get a ring which turns blocks into monsters)
  • "Someone once told me friendship is magic. That's ridiculous. You can't turn people into frogs with friendship." (reference to the TV-show "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic")
  • "I can see your future now... You will buy a lot of items from me!"
  • "I once tried to bring an Angel Statue to life. It didn't do anything." (possible reference to the weeping angels of Dr. Who, or how the angel statues never do anything.)


  • "I make a rather enchanting hot chocolate if you'd be inter...No? Ok."
  • "Want me to pull a coin from behind your ear? No? Ok."
  • "Do you want some magic candy? No? Ok."

Upon Unbinding

  • "Thanks for saving me, friend! This bondage was starting to chafe."
  • "Oh, my hero!"
  • "Oh, how heroic! Thank you for saving me, young lady!"(if player is female)
  • "Oh, how heroic! Thank you for saving me, young man!"(if player is male)
  • "Now that we know each other, I can move in with you, right?"

If Luck is ≥ 0.75

  • ""You are overflowing with a blessing of stupendous prosperity!!"
  • ""Excessive health and happiness gush from your very being! You are a Godsend!!"

If Luck is ≥ 0.5

  • ""Have you a garden of four-leaf clovers? You are bursting with essences of great fortune!"
  • ""Serendipity smiles upon you! It is likely you shall find profit in all things!"

If Luck is ≥ 0.25

  • ""You are giving off a positive energy, like something grand could occur at any moment."
  • ""There are vibes of good fortune emanating from you, as though your wishes could possibly come true."

If Luck is ≥ 0

  • ""I sense a speck of good karma about you, but I could be mistaken."
  • ""There's something unusually warm about you. I'm not sure how to place it, but keep walking in that direction."

If Luck is < 0

  • ""The air feels dull and gloomy where you step. Be wary of ill feelings."
  • ""Is something bothering you? Something doesn't feel quite right about you."

If Luck is < -0.2

  • ""Negative energy is seeping from your pores. I wouldn't take any chances today."
  • ""Unfortunate omens hang over your head. You DID forward that letter, right?"

If Luck is < -0.4

  • ""I feel a terrible fate surrounding you! You should just stay in bed today!"
  • ""What manner of salt did you spill to receive such misfortune!?"

If Luck is < -0.6 (impossible to access)

  • ""Stay away! You are dragging a behemoth of woeful bad luck in your wake! I want nothing of it!!"
  • ""Did you smash every mirror in WorldName!? You hapless fool, you are cursed beyond help!!"
Wizard's Names
  • Alasdair
  • Arddun
  • Arwyn (Lord of The Rings reference)
  • Berwyn
  • Dalamar(Possible reference to the wizard town of Dalaran from the Warcraft series)
  • Dulais
  • Elric (Possible reference to the Full Metal Alchemist anime, where the main characters are the Elric brothers, Edward and Alphonse, renowned Alchemists)
  • Fizban (Dragonlance: The Chronicles Trilogy reference)
  • Gearroid
  • Greum
  • Gwentor
  • Hirael
  • Leomund
  • Maelor
  • Magius
  • Merlyn (Reference to Merlin the Magician)
  • Ningauble
  • Sargon (Possible reference to Sargon of Akkad)
  • Seonag
  • Tagar
  • Xanadu


  • On Console. If the Wizard loses his house he will continuously say the quotes from when he is unbound.
  • The Wizard says quotes from some magic tricks.
  • The Wizard seems to have trouble telling apart the NPCs, giving him the same aloof nature as Merlin tends to be described as having.
  • The Wizard's Hat is not the same as the Wizard Hat vanity item.
  • The Wizard's names are common references to deities or well-known characters from legends (Such as the Legend of Arthur and Sargon of Akkad).
  • Two of The Wizard's names, Fizban and Dalamar, are possibly a reference to the characters of the same name from the Dragonlance books, by Margaret Weiss and Tracy Hickman.
  • Many items you can buy from him play music (harp, bell, crystal ball, music box).

Update Info


  • Dialogue now reveals the luck of the player.


  • Now attacks enemies with an attack similar to that of the Flower of Fire


  • Can now be unbound while playing with autopause on. (bug fix)


  • Added to the game.

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