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The Water Bolt is a spell book obtained from bookshelves in a Dungeon. Note that the Water Bolt cannot be crafted and is determined by the world seed. Each world has a set number of Water Bolt spells, many world seeds not having any. They are able to be picked up the same way a potion is picked up (right clicking). The sprite for the Water Bolt book always looks the same.

It casts a slow moving projectile that bounces off of walls and passes through enemies. It also moves in a straight path until colliding with something. The bolts will fly indefinitely until they go off screen for a certain distance and are able to ricochet four times before disappearing.

The Water Bolt gives off light as it moves, from its center and from magic water droplets it sheds. This allows you to find nearby open spaces without blindly digging.


  • The Water Bolt can sometimes be obtained from a dungeon without having to fight Skeletron, by checking the books above surface level at the entrance of the dungeon.
  • An easy way to find a Water Bolt is to mouse over the books in the dungeon. When you find one, the icon for the Water Bolt will appear by your mouse. You can right click it to pick it up, you don't have to use a hammer. Careful, range is limited (about mining distance with a Pickaxe). Another way to find one is by looking at the texture of the placed item; the Water Bolt book texture is a thick blue book in between a thin, short brown book and a small yellow book with red stripes.
  • Upon dissipating (the shot will bounce up to four times and then dissipate on the next hit), the illuminating droplets will travel down much further than when the spell is active. This allows you to intentionally bounce it off walls in a confined space in order to reveal large portions of the ground beneath you.
  • The same method for finding them is used in both the Console and PC versions of the game.
  • Much like the meteor shot, the water bolt can locate floating islands by the player aiming upward.
  • The shots fired from the water bolt is exactly the same as the Dark Caster, but your shots cannot be broken by Weapons or Tools.
  • The shot fired from the water bolt will move at the same speed as water would move.Verify
  • Water Bolt appears as a light blue book with a cream band near the bottom while on the bookshelf.
  • The water bolt can be very powerful in the begining of the game if you are a mage class.

Update Info


  • Now has a new projectile and slightly more damage.



  • Sell value added.


  • Now has a different sound when used.

PC release

  • Added to the game.


  • Shooting a water bolt at a block with a changed shape (i.e slopes) will instantly make the bolt dissolve.Verify


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