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Vile Mushrooms are a type of Mushroom found only in The Corruption. They are used solely to make Vile Powder, which can be used to remove the Hallow, to spread the Corruption, or to make Worm Food when combined with Rotten Chunks. One Vile Mushroom will yield five Vile Powder at an Alchemy Station.


Since the Vile Mushroom only has one purpose, crafting Vile Powder out of all Vile Mushrooms in the player's inventory is advisable. Even if the player doesn't plan on using the Vile Powder, it can be sold for more coins: 1 Vile Mushroom (10 copper) = 5 Vile Powder (20 copper each) = 100 Copper (or 1 Silver).


To farm Vile Mushrooms, one can make long strips of dirt, then corrupt it by connecting it to the Corruption or by using Corrupt Seeds. Once the dirt is corrupt, the grass can be cleared often to allow more spaces for mushrooms to grow. Like ordinary Mushrooms, Vile Mushrooms will not grow if there is any type of wall behind them.



Update Info

PC release

  • Added to the game.