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Vegetation refers to the various forms of plant life which can be found almost anywhere in any given world.



All types of grass grow on other blocks such as dirt or mud, and all grass will also spread to other appropriate blocks under certain conditions. Depending on the biome it appears in, grass will be a different color and may have different types of other vegetation growing on it (including biome-specific types of generic flowers). All types of tall grass and flowers can be destroyed with any item which deals damage, and most types will produce Seeds when cut down in this way (provided the player has a Blowpipe or Blowgun in their inventory).

Regular (Forest) Grass

Grows on top of dirt blocks. Can be planted with either the Staff of Regrowth or with Grass Seeds. Daybloom, Sunflowers, and Mushrooms can grow on this type of grass.

Jungle Grass

Main article: Jungle

Found naturally in the Jungle, or planted on mud blocks with Jungle Grass Seeds. Jungle Roses, Nature's Gifts, Moonglow, and Jungle Spores will grow on this type of grass. Cutting down Jungle grass will occasionally yield Jungle Grass Seeds.

Corrupted Grass

Main article: The Corruption

Found in The Corruption. Can be planted on dirt with Corrupt Seeds, and will also spread over regular grass and (in Hard Mode) Jungle grass, Stone (turned into Ebonstone), and Sand (turned into Ebonsand). Vile Mushrooms will grow on Corrupted grass.

Hallowed Grass

Main article: The Hallow

Will only naturally spawn in The Hallow at the point the Wall of Flesh is defeated. Can be planted on dirt with Hallowed Seeds, and will also spread over regular grass, Stone (turned into Pearlstone), and Sand (turned into Pearlsand). Anything that can be planted on regular grass will also grow on Hallowed grass.

Mushroom Grass

Main article: Glowing Mushroom Biome

Found in Glowing Mushroom Biomes, which are found in various places underground. Can be planted on mud blocks with Mushroom Grass Seeds. Glowing Mushrooms of all sizes will grow on this type of grass — even some which are the size of trees. Cutting down Mushroom Grass will occasionally yield Mushroom Grass Seeds, and often produce a large number of Glowing Mushrooms.

Crimson Grass

Main article: The Crimson

Found in The Crimson. Can be planted on dirt with Crimson Seeds, and will also spread over regular grass and (in Hard Mode) Jungle grass, Stone (turned into Crimstone), and Sand (turned into Crimsand). Vicious Mushrooms will grow on Crimson Grass.


They grow below any type of grass but Mushroom. All types of vines will partially block light from any source, and the Hallowed and Corrupted variants will spread their respective biome.

Vines can be made to grow if water is partially placed in a block also being occupied by grass growing on the underside of a dirt block.

With the Guide to Plant Fiber Cordage, vines can be cut down and used as Vine Rope.


Thorns are a type of vegetation which grows in a mazelike pattern and deals damage to the player (without impeding movement) when they are walked through. They have a maximum height of 6 blocks (12 feet). Corrupt Thorns deal 10 damage, while Jungle Thorns inflict 26 damage. Walking through Thorns will destroy them, but it is better to slash through them using a tool or weapon that arcs around the player (such as a pickaxe, axe, or sword). If a Life Crystal is depending on a thorn to keep it standing, it can be dangerous, as the thorn will not break when the player makes physical contact, and the damage it does will continue to hurt the player until the player moves off. This is very rare though.


Moss is a blue, green, purple, yellow and red looking grass growing on stone in the Underground. It can be broken with any tool/weapon. As a part of, the Staff of Regrowth can place moss on stone.

Moss growing in the Underground