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I'm Oscuritaforze, but that's a bit cumbersome to type out every time, so you can just shorten it to "Oscurita" or "Forze" if you want.

I lurked around this wiki for ~2 years (been coming here since mid-late 2011) before finally joining Wikia in April 2013. My joining this wiki was in large part because I was impressed with how Wikia Staff and the administration around here handled certain wiki issues early in 2012. It was handled well enough to make me believe that this is a community worth joining, at any rate!

In the meantime, I'm active on this wiki (though not as active as I'd like to be), semi-active on Smashpedia, Hearthstone Wiki, Worms Wiki, and Starbound Wiki, and sporadically active on Let's Play Wiki, Abridged Series Wiki, Community Central, SmashWiki, Dwarf Fortress Wiki, and the English Wikipedia. I also run a bot on a couple of wikis, whose local account can be found here. As an administrator on this wiki, I should be able to help you out if you have any questions (about the game or about the wiki) – just ask over at my talk page.

Thanks, and have fun!

My to-do list

Top priority

This section is for issues of the utmost importance which may leave parts of the site nonfunctional or severely outdated if left alone

High priority

Completing tasks in this section would be majorly useful to the wiki or its community, but not quite to the point that the wiki is damaged if they are not completed

  • Look into info on decompiling Terraria, probably write a blog post about it so that other people can learn how to access the game's source code.
  • Policy changes:
    • General categorization policy (should be accompanied by a forum discussion)
    • General deletion policy

Mid priority

Issues which would be somewhat useful to the content/community of the wiki, but could easily be done without, belong in this section

Low priority

Minor issues (such as formatting, relatively unimportant maintenance, and social stuff) and extreme long-term/ongoing goals are what go in this section

  • Go through the list of files: rename improperly-named useful images, delete unused/duplicated/low quality/otherwise useless images.
  • Tie up loose ends regarding removing disambiguations, as per this thread.
  • Tie up loose ends regarding deleted pages and media.
  • Create project/forum page for Super Smash Terraria, using a similar style to Smash Arena on SmashWiki.
  • See about updating Special:GameGuidesContent (dependent on the general categorization policy which was mentioned above being implemented).
  • Write a version of this page for the Terraria wiki.
  • Create a "site map" user subpage outlining sweeping changes I think should be made on this wiki.


Feel free to add to this section! I'll sort items put here by how important I feel they are to get done