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The True Night's Edge is a melee weapon which swings at fast speed and is crafted with a Night's Edge, 20 souls of might, 20 souls of fright and 20 souls of sight. It is a Hard Mode item which fires a spinning, bright, glowing, green sword projectile that hits the first enemy or wall it touches, and shatters in bright green sparks, akin to Cursed Flames. However, the swing and the projectile have two separate use times, thus the projectile does not fire with every swing. Its base damage is stronger than The Horseman's Blade and Christmas Tree Sword, only weaker than the Terra Blade by the raw damage per swing.


  • Its projectile counts as melee damage, so it is very useful combined with flasks.
  • Although the Excalibur deals more damage than the Night's Edge, the True Night's Edge does more damage than the True Excalibur.
  • Unlike the other swords that fire projectiles, the ones launched from this sword spin instead of facing in the direction they are moving, which gives them a larger chance to hit enemies.
  • In mobile, this sword only does 78 damage.


  • Its projectile can be deployed through one block thick or less horizontally.
  • If deployed perfectly horizontally and there is nothing in the way, The projectile will travel all the way through the world and end up back at the player. The time it takes depends on world size. (Mobile)

Update Info


  • Increased the damage of True Night's Edge.
  • True Night's Edge shoots beams more rapidly.


  • Added to the game.


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