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Tools are items used to obtain materials, collect, build with blocks, and liquids, place or remove wire, or help the player move around the world. Tools cannot be equipped and instead, must be equipped in the hotbar in order to work. They can also be used as a weapon. The player can quickly select the appropriated tool with the Left Shift, in which case will automatically pick up the tool even if it's not placed on the hotbar.

On the PC, console, and 3ds versions. there is a cursor where the tool can be used, and break a block or change it's shape. On the mobile version, there should be a yellow square where the block is broken.

List of tools

Resource gathering tools


Main article: Pickaxe

Pickaxes are the most basic mining tools in the game. Each pickaxe have different pickaxe power values, which determinates wich blocks and ores they can harvest. They can be also used as weapons.  


Main article: Drill

Drills are an alternative to pickaxes available during Hardmode. They mine faster, but lacks the knockback of pickaxes. Early Cobalt/Palladium drills can be crafted at the standard Iron/Lead anvil, but Mythril/Orichalcum onwards will demand a Mythril/Orichalcum anvil instead.


Main article: Axe

Axes are used mainly to chop down trees and harvest wood, collect cacti and large Glowing Mushroom trees. The axes can also be used for combat, with some variants dealing a respectable amount of damage and knockback, though they typically have slower swing speeds than pickaxes.


Main article: Chainsaw

Chainsaws are available on Hardmode as an alternative to axes. They chop down trees faster but deals lower damage. The early Cobalt/Palladium chainsaws can be crafted at basic Iron/Lead anvils, but Mythril/Orichalcum tier onwards can only be crafted at the specialized Mythril/Orichalcum anvil.


Main article: Hammer

Hammers are used to break background walls and to change the appearance of blocks, from halfblocks and slopes. Hammers with 80% hammer power or more can be used to smash Demon/Crimson altars, used to generate new, endgame ores on the world once the player enters Hardmode.


Some tools have the abilities of some combination of pickaxes, axes, and hammers.

Pickaxe/Drill and Axe/Chainsaw

Item 579o.png
Pickaxe Axe-Picksaw.gif

The following tools are able to mine blocks and chop down trees:

Axe/Chainsaw and Hammer

Main article: Hamaxe

Hamaxes are hybrids between hammers and axes. When used on a tree, they will cut them down, while when used on a block, will change the appearance. They can also be used to destroy Demon/Crimson altars, but if they don't have at least 80% hammer power or the player attempt to smash the altar without being first in Hardmode, they won't break the altar and instead the player will take damage.

The following tools combines the function of Hammer and Axe:

Block placement

Placement Tools.gif

These specialized tools allows the player to place special blocks on the world, or in Dirt Rod's case, manipulate blocks at a distance. Those special blocks consume a resource in order to be placed (i.e: The living wood wand requires a normal wood in order to place a living wood block).


Grappling Devices

Main article: Grappling Devices
Grappling Hooks.gif

Grappling Devices are movement tools which allow the player to latch onto and pull themselves towards blocks. The default hotkey for this type of item is 'E'. On the X-Box edition, the default button is LT, but can be changed to LS.


Magic Movement Tools.gif

These tools can be used to teleport back to the spawn (Magic/Ice mirrors and Cellphone) or to a specific location on the map (Rod of Discord and Portal Gun).


The following are not properly tools (with the exception of Umbrella), but can be used to aid the player when spelunking down in a shaft and can be of a great help on the early game, until the player finds a Magic Mirror or special accessories. The Ropes/Chain can be placed to allow an faster descent/ascent through a vertical shaft and the Umbrella slows the player falling speed, negating fall damage while held.

Painting Tools

The following is a list of tools which allow the player to paint walls, blocks, and remove paint.

Wiring Items

The following is a list of tools used to place/remove wires in the world. Wires are required to power up traps, enable/disable blocks through actuators, and set on/off lights, among other things.


Miscellaneous tools that did not fit in any category above.

Tool Description Obtainable from Value
Binoculars When equipped, allow the player to zoom out and see the surroundings. Drops from Eye of Cthulhu (2.5% Chance) 3 Gold Coin
Breathing Reed Extends a tube above the player. So long that the reed is out of water, the player won't suffer from oxygen loss while underwater. Underwater Chests 20 Silver Coin
Bucket Allows the placement and collection of liquids. Crafted with 3 Iron/Lead Bars 1 Silver Coin
Bug Net Allows the player to harvest critters and baits. (Can only capture friendly critters, typically they have only 5 hitpoints.) Purchased from the Merchant 25 Silver Coin
Clentaminator Can be used to create and destroy biomes. Uses colored solutions. Purchased from the Steampunker 2 Platinum Coin
Sickle Used for the collection of Hay, which can be used in crafting. Purchased from the Merchant 60 Silver Coin
Fishing Poles Fishing poles are used in fishing. High-Quality poles have higher fishing power and are more likely to catch fish and/or crates. Varies, see Fishing for more information. Varies.
Bottomless Water Bucket Allows the player to place water on the world infinitely. Angler Reward 10 Gold Coin
Super Absorbant Sponge Allow the player to remove an endless amount of water. Angler Reward 10 Gold Coin