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The Tinkerer's Workshop is sold by the Goblin Tinkerer. It allows the combining of some accessories into new accessories, as well as being required to craft certain items. A combined accessory generally has the same properties as the items it is made up from.


For example, the Cloud in a Balloon increases the players jump height and enables them to double jump, attributes of Shiny Red Balloon and Cloud in a Bottle respectively.

To combine items, a player must unequip the accessory/accessories you wish to craft, put them in your inventory, and stand next to the workshop, just like any other crafting station.


  • Combined Accessories can be reforged just like regular Accessories.
  • Combined Accessories will lose whatever Prefix they previously had, although, they may gain a new one.
  • If some items are combined, like the emblems, they will lose some boost on each one but adding a new power.

Crafting Combinations

Item Recipe Effect
Item 394.png Item 187.png + Item 268.png

• Grants the ability to swim

• Greatly extends underwater breathing

Item 1860.png Item 1303.png + Item 394.png

• Grants the ability to swim and greatly extends underwater breathing

• Provides light in water

Item 1861.png Item 950.png + Item 1860.png

• Grants the ability to swim and greatly extends underwater breathing

• Provides light in water and extra mobility on ice

Item 3721.png Item 2373.png + Item 2374.png + Item 2375.png

• Fishing line will never break

• Decreases chance of bait consumption

• Increases fishing skill

Item 396.png Item 158.png + Item 193.png

• Negates fall damage

• Grants immunity to fire blocks.

(Does not grant 1 defense, unlike the Obsidian Skull.)

Item 397.png Item 156.png + Item 193.png

• +2 Defense

• Grants immunity to knockback

• Immunity to fire blocks

Item 1613.png Item 1612.png + Item 397.png Makes the user immune to Knockback, Fire blocks, Slow, Confusion, Darkness, Broken Armor, Weakness, Silence, Curse, Poison and Bleeding and adds 4 defense!
Item 1724.png Item 53.png + Item 215.png

• Allows the holder to double jump

Item 399.png Item 159.png + Item 53.png

• Allows the user to double jump

• Increases jump height

Item 1163.png Item 159.png + Item 987.png

• Allows the user to double jump

• Increases jump height

Item 983.png Item 159.png + Item 857.png

• Allows the user to double jump

• Increases jump height

Item 1863.png Item 1724.png + Item 159.png

• Allows the user to double jump

• Increases jump height

Item 1250.png Item 158.png + Item 399.png

• Negates fall damage

• Increase jump height

• Allows the user to double jump

Item 1251.png Item 158.png + Item 1163.png

• Negates fall damage

• Increase jump height

• Allows the user to double jump

Item 1252.png Item 158.png + Item 983.png

• Negates fall damage

• Increase jump height

• Allows the user to double jump

Item 1164.png Item 399.png + Item 1163.png + Item 983.png

• Allows the player to quadruple jump

• Increases jump height

Item 405.png Item 54.png / Item 1579.png + Item 128.png Allows Flight + User can run super fast.
Item 898.png Item 405.png + Item 212.png + Item 285.png Allows Flight + User can run incredibly fast.
Item 1862.png Item 950.png + Item 898.png Allows flight

Super fast running and extra mobility on ice.

Item 907.png Item 193.png + Item 863.png Provides the ability to walk on water and grants immunity to fire blocks
Item 908.png Item 907.png + Item 906.png Provides the ability to walk on water, grants immunity to lava for 7 seconds, and immunity to fire blocks.
Item 555.png Item 223.png + Item 189.png 8% reduced mana usage + Automatically uses Mana Potions when needed.
Item 897.png Item 211.png + Item 536.png Increases melee knockback and 12% additional melee speed.
Item 936.png Item 935.png + Item 897.png MeleeIncreases melee knockback and 12% additional melee damage and speed
Item 1343.png Item 936.png + Item 1322.png Increases melee knockback and inflicts fire damage on attack 9% increased melee damage and speed
Item 1864.png Item 1845.png + Item 1167.png Increases your max number of minions

Increases the damage and knockback of your minions

Item 982.png Item 111.pngItem 49.png Increases maximum mana by 20

Increases mana regeneration rate

Item 1595.png Item 982.png + Item 216.png Restores mana when damaged and increases maximum mana by 20.
Item 2221.png Item 1595.png + Item 2219.png Restores mana when damaged and increase mana pickup range.
Item 860.png Item 49.png + Item 535.png Provides life regeneration and reduces the cooldown of healing potions
Item 1865.png Item 899.png + Item 900.png Minor increase to damage, melee speed, critical strike chance, life regeneration, defense, pick speed, and minion knockback
Item 861.png Item 485.png + Item 497.png Allows the user to turn into a werewolf during the night and a merefolk when going in the water.
Item 862.png Item 554.png + Item 532.png Causes Stars to fall and increases invulnerability after damage is taken.
Item 1247.png Item 1132.png + Item 532.png Releases bees and makes stars fall when damaged.
Item 1578.png Item 1132.png + Item 1290.png Releases bees and increases movement speed when damaged.
Item 1249.png Item 1132.png + Item 159.png Releases bees and increases jump height.
Item 976.png Item 953.png + Item 975.png Allows the user to climb walls.
Item 984.png Item 976.png + Item 963.png + Item 977.png Allows the ability to climb walls and dash, Gives a chance to dodge attacks.
Item 901.png Item 886.png + Item 892.png Makes the user immune to Broken Armor and Weakness.
Item 902.png Item 887.png + Item 885.png Makes the user immune to Poison and Bleeding.
Item 903.png Item 889.png + Item 893.png Makes the user immune to Slow and Confusion.
Item 904.png Item 890.png + Item 891.png Makes the user immune to Silence and Curse.
Item 1612.png

Item 903.png + Item 888.png + Item 901.png
Item 904.png + Item 902.png

Makes the user immune to Slow, Confusion, Darkness, Broken Armor, Weakness, Silence, Curse, Poison, and Bleeding.
Item 935.png

Item 490.png / Item 491.png / Item 489.png / Item 491.png
5x Item 547.png + 5x Item 548.png + 5x Item 549.png

• 12% increased damage

Item 2220.png Item 935.png + Item 2219.png Sorcerer15% increased magic damaged and increase mana pickup range.
Item 1301.png Item 935.png + Item 1248.png Ranger10% increased damage

8% increased critical strike chance

Item 1858.png Item 1300.png + Item 1301.png Increases view range for guns (right click to zoom out)

10% increased ranged damage and critical strike chance

Item 540.png Item 3.png x6 Creates a triggered rolling Boulder that can be used as a trap.
Item 565.png

Item 562.png + Item 563.png + Item 564.png
Item 566.png + Item 567.png + Item 568.png
Item 569.png + Item 570.png + Item 571.png


Can be placed

Item 395.png Item 17.png / Item 709.png + Item 18.png + Item 393.png

• Shows horizontal position

• Shows depth

• Shows time

Fish finder.png Item 3037.png+Item 3120.png+Item 3096.png

• Shows fishing power

• Shows weather

• Shows moon phases

Item 3121.png Item 3099.png + Item 3102.png + Item 3119.png

• Shows movement speed

• Shows damage per second

• Shows valuable ore nearby

Item 3122.png Item 3118.png + Item 3084.png + Item 3095.png

• Shows number of monsters

• Shows Kill count

• Shows rare creatures

Item 3123.png

Item 395.png + Fish finder.png + Item 3121.png + Item 3122.png

Displays everything
Item 3124.png Item 50.png + Item 3123.png Displays everything and takes you home at will.

Update Info


  • Added 2 recipes.


  • Added 7 recipes.


  • Added 29 recipes.


  • Added to the game.
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