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The Twins are two Hard Mode bosses similar in appearance to the Eye of Cthulhu, and the only sources of Souls of Sight. Although the game classifies them as a single boss, they are two separate bosses, namely Spazmatism and Retinazer.

If an altar has been destroyed, The Twins will sometimes spawn at night during Hard Mode, with the message, "This is going to be a terrible night..." appearing that dusk. This is more likely to happen if the player already has a Mechanical Eye.



The boss fight can be initiated by using a Mechanical Eye, or by waiting for The Twins to spawn normally (although this might take a while). Although the Mechanical Eye requires Souls of Light, that are only available in a world where the Wall of Flesh has been defeated, The Twins can technically be summoned in any world, regardless of whether or not Hard Mode has been unlocked in it. The Twins will only remain as long as it is Night, and will flee the battle at dawn, similarly to the Eye of Cthulhu.

Upon death, The Twins are guaranteed to drop 20-40 Souls of Sight, 5-15 Greater Healing Potions, and Hallowed Bars. They are the only sources of Souls of Sight. Note that only the last defeated eye drops loot.

The Twins initially consist of two eyes connected together by a "rope" of flesh, one named Spazmatism and the other Retinazer. They maintain separate health bars, and are not considered defeated until both are killed (A trophy can be dropped from one twin while the other twin is still alive, but not other types of loot). Each of these two eyes has a unique AI routine, as well as a second form that it will transform into when it is below half health. Note that just like Eye of Cthulhu, they cannot do anything during transformation, so this may provide an excellent opportunity to inflict a large amount damage on them.

Retinazer (First Form)

In its first form, Retinazer will shoot lasers at the player and occasionally close in slowly to make a series of melee attacks. The lasers do not pass through blocks.

Spazmatism (First Form)

Spazmatism, in its first form, will shoot cursed flames projectiles at the player and occasionally make a series of lunges at them. The projectiles do not pass through blocks. While shooting the cursed flames, Spazmatism will try to stay in a horizontal position from you.

Retinazer (Second Form)

Retinazer transforms into a laser turret. In this form, Retinazer gains significantly more defense and a much more frightening laser attack named Death Laser. It will always float above or to the left of the player and use its laser attack. When it is to the side of the player, it will begin to shoot its laser in rapid-fire bursts. It will never attempt to use its melee attack, preferring instead to maintain a constant distance between itself and the player. Note that in this form, Retinazer will not even attempt to shoot at the player if it does not have a clear line of sight, and the death laser does not pass through solid blocks. The lower Retinazer's health goes down, the faster the lasers become, making it even more dangerous before its death.

Spazmatism (Second Form)

Spazmatism's second form transforms into a mechanical mouth (A lot like the Eye of Cthulhu). Spazmatism's second form is the most threatening part of The Twins, as it possesses the most defense, the most damaging attacks, and the greatest mobility. It will alternate between rapidly charging at the player to use its insanely powerful melee attack, and slowly giving chase while using its medium-range cursed flame breath attack (which is almost identical to the Flamethrower's fire). In this form, Spazmatism will not use the cursed flame attack if it does not have a clear line of sight. Also, Spazmatism's second form looks similar to the Eye of Cthulhu's second form. The flames have a limited range, so with proper equipment, it's possible to outrun them for a while.


  • The eyes despawn if you teleport too far away.
  • Avoid damaging both Twins at the same time, as fighting both of them in their second form can be devastating. Focusing on Spazmatizm first is the safer choice, as it's more dangerous and should be eliminated as soon as possible. After it is beaten, the player can make a small box with some openings for their attacks to fight Retinazer, as it never charges at the player in its second form and will not shoot unless it has a clear line of sight.
  • Extra caution is needed for their second forms as they can deal devastating damage. Keep a good distance from Spazmatizm once it starts spinning and stay on the move to avoid Retinazer's lasers. If you move fast enough (Considering you have the correct accessories), you can outrun the death laser moments before it hits you.
  • The Megashark is one of the most powerful weapons against the Twins, because of its high base damage, rate of fire, and 50% chance not to consume ammo. When paired with Ichor Bullets, this is even more devastating because the Ichor debuff reduces its target's defense. However this will likely require a large amount of bullets, around 1200 should be enough to finish the fight. Note that making the Megashark itself requires defeating The Destroyer to obtain the materials.
  • Base level, recommended equipment for this fight is Adamantite Armor or Titanium Armor.
  • Recommended accessories for this boss are the Star Cloak, Philosopher's Stone, Cross Necklace, and Wings or their upgrades to increase survivability.
  • Melee is not recommended for this boss, as most melee weapons available at this stage are lacking, and they make Spazmatism's deadliest attacks almost impossible to dodge. If the player has defeated Destroyer beforehand, a full stack of Light Discs can be used.
  • The best choice of weapons for this boss are the Megashark (Though you will have to defeat The Destroyer and farm for some Shark Fins to obtain it), Clockwork Assault Rifle and Crystal Storm.
  • The player should bring buff potions/items relevant to their weapon/class of choice. Such as the Archery Potion (for archers), Ammo Box and Ammo Reservation Potion for ranged players in general, Magic Power Potion, and the Mana Regeneration Potion and Crystal Ball for mages. General buff potions are Ironskin Potion, Regeneration Potion, Endurance Potion. The player should place Heart Lanterns, Campfires and Heart Statues around their arena will also help.
  • The player should begin the fight promptly at 7:30 pm to give themselves more time to fight the boss.
  • Strangely, although Spazmatism uses Eye Fire to inflict the Cursed Inferno debuff, it is not immune to the same debuff.


The following is a list of strategies that players can employ to defeat The Twins. Remember that making good use of certain tips above can greatly increase the effectiveness and success rate of these strategies.

1) Sky

  • This strategy hinges on the usage of the Gravitation Potion, possibly in conjunction with the Featherfall Potion to constantly fly around in the air, dodging the vast majority of attacks that The Twins unleash. It is recommended to equip an accessory for increased air mobility, such as the Rocket Boots and/or Angel Wings/Demon Wings. It is also absolutely necessary to have an accessory that negates knockback, such as the Obsidian Shield or the Cobalt Shield.
  • When attacking, the player should keep in mind that the bosses will constantly home in on them, so try to anticipate their movements and to not reverse gravity too suddenly, or they might move out of the way of their projectiles. Aiming can be simplified by luring the Twins to the top of the world and then falling straight down as they follow the player, but beware of the Wyvern.

2) Skybridge

  • Simply build some Skybridges and run on them, using a Grappling Hook or other mobility-enhancing item to quickly switch between them to move out of the way of a melee charge or barrage. However, Wings are better for this task.
  • This strategy can work wonders by building a Nurse's house at the start of the skybridge and setting the spawn point there. When low on health the player can teleport back, have the nurse heal them and resume the fight before the Twins have a chance to harm her. Beware that if the player has walked too far from the spawn point, teleporting will make the bosses despawn.
  • This strategy can also work quite well if the player uses a very fast weapon (such as the Megashark or the Clockwork Assault Rifle).

3) Statue Corridor

  1. For this strategy, employ plenty of Heart Statues. Using a wide wire grid to connect at least a row of them to pressure plates will cause them to drop plenty of hearts, allowing the player to rapidly skip through them and regain lots of health. The player can place a row of statues pretty much anywhere to take a small break from the fight in any moment.

4) Still Standing

This strategy will be able to work using Heart Statues, a timer, and 1 Meteorite/Hellstone. All you need to do is to follow the steps to the Destroyer but you only need to use Adamantite Repeater or better and ~1,000 cursed arrows, or you can use the Megashark with ~2,000 Crystal Bullets.

5) Battle

Focus on killing Spazmatism completely first, as his Cursed Inferno debuff can prove to be deadly. He also has higher health to drain, and more defense.

6) Jump-Rope

This strategy will require a weapon of your choice and some wings. Walk in between The Twins, and if they, shoot, jump with your wings and attack. When they charge, jump over them and continue. If either of them get into their second phase, circle them and fire until they die.

7) Rollercoaster

An example.

This is an easy strategy. You will need a Megashark, and a minecart ride that is very long. There is an example below. Ride the minecart ride, and keep shooting The Twins until they die.

Multiplayer Strategy

With the help of one or more friends, fighting the bosses becomes much simpler. With one player luring Retinazer away and taking cover to avoid its attacks, others can concentrate their fire on Spazmatism and kill it quickly, and successively go back to Retinazer and defeat it. Be careful, as if either the player luring Retinazer or all of the players fighting Spazmatism are defeated, one of the bosses might despawn, making it impossible to get the spoils from beating one twin.

3 players fighting The Twins

The two forms of the Twins. Spazmatism is on the bottom; Retinazer is on top.


  • The Twins, along with Skeletron Prime and The Destroyer, are mechanical versions of a previous boss. However, The Twins only appear robotic when they are in their second form.
  • If one of them goes too far from the other one offscreen, it disappears, making it impossible to get loot from only killing one eye.
  • The Boss Trophy of a single eye can drop only if the specified eye has been defeated.
  • There is a chance any monster during Hard Mode will drop the Mechanical Eye if the player hasn't ever summoned The Twins in the world prior to the 1.2 update. 
  • The player can craft the Optic Staff that summons the miniature version of them as minions for fighting. 
  • In their first form, the Ichor debuff will reduce their defenses to 0.
  • If the player is unlucky, The Twins will naturally spawn very early after defeating Wall of Flesh. This means that the player will be extremely unprepared for the fight.
    • However, there is a glitch that can allow a player to prevent them from spawning naturally in singleplayer. As soon the message, "This is going to be a terrible night...", appears, save and exit that world. Then the player will be able to reload that world and continue to play, and they will not spawn that night. This can also happen if all players are underground, and is also applicable for the other two mechanical bosses.
  • Spazmatism uses Cursed Flames to attack the player, with the only difference between the two attacks being that Spazmatism's attack is known as Eye Fire.
  • While this boss is mostly based off of the Eye of Cthulhu, it also shares the trait of the eyes constantly firing at the player and its boss theme with the Wall of Flesh.
  • It is possible for one of the 2 eyes to despawn, but loot can still be obtained as long as the last eye is killed, excluding the missing eye's trophy.
  • The icons of The Twins are somehow wrong. Retinazer uses all 1st form map icons while Spazmatism uses all 2nd form icons.


  • Both of the bosses' names are portmanteaus, and somehow related to the eyes: Retinazer is made of Retina and Laser, and Spazmatism of Spasm and Astigmatism.
  • They are the only boss with 2 trophies.
  • Despite the twins spawning off screen, the tendril in between them can appear.
  • The twins despite being a mechanical boss, actually appear to be partially made out of flesh. Even though they appear more mechanical in their 2nd forms, this means they are possibly a bio mechanical hybrid. Additionally, they are the only mechanical boss with phases. Also, if they are damaged, they will emit the normal generic sound of many other enemies but it turns to a metallic clang when during second phrase.
  • Sometimes one of the eyes can arrive later than the other.

Update Info


  • Spazmatism's health increased to 23,000 HP, decreased damage for both.
  • Spazmatism now transforms at 9000 HP and Retinazer now transforms at 8000 HP, instead of at half HP.
  • The Twins now drop Twin Mask.
  • Now only drops 15-30 Hallowed Bar.




  • Added to the game.


A player fighting The Twins and The Destroyer

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