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The Rotted Fork is a spear weapon obtained occasionally from breaking Pulsating hearts in The Crimson. It can also be found by opening a Crimson Crate. It is one of the five items dropped from the Pulsating heart. It has the same particle effect as the other Crimson weapons.


  • Like all piercing weapons, it is effective when battling the Brain of Cthulhu's second form due to the fact that the boss can be affected by knockback.
  • The weapon's maximum distance is only 7 blocks
  • The weapon's velocity is about 25 mi/h (~40 km/h)


  • Icon mobile.png When walking backwards and firing in the opposite direction, the weapon will not be in the player's hands but it will appear where the joystick is pointed at and it will also appear upright. In addition to that, the weapon also moves back and forth like it's still in the player's hands.

    The Rotted Fork bug.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.


(Bug: The weapon sprite sometimes moves sideways.)