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Green tick This page details a formal Terraria Wiki policy which governs one or more aspects of the wiki and its community. Policies are established and maintained by administrators on the behalf of the community. To learn how to propose changes to Terraria Wiki policies, please see Terraria Wiki:Policy#Proposing policy changes.

Basic summary of this policy: User talkpages are not the sole property of the user, but are a tool for the community to communicate important information to one another. Messages can be archived, but not deleted.

User Talkpages

  • User talkpages belong to the community, they are not the property of the user. The talkpage is a place for other users to give the user messages, and ask questions and communicate when they have done something in conflict with what they have been doing and try to settle a small issue. For this reason a number of restrictions are placed on what you can do to your own talkpage:
  • Do not remove or edit old messages, the talkpage is the community's way of viewing the history of messages sent to you, this is an open public community where entire histories should be viewable.
  • Fixing typos or minor mistakes in messages is fine, but changing the meaning of the message is not allowed.
  • If your talkpage is getting too long or you want to clean up old messages, you are still free to archive the old ones. You may only archive resolved discussions.
    • Archiving approximately 25 messages is the standard, unless a smaller number of messages is the same length.
    • You may archive a smaller number of messages, but future additional messages should be added to the same archive page, rather than creating a new archive page. The goal here is to not clog up the wiki with too many archive pages.
  • Do not put up notices telling other users not to use your talkpage, or do other actions that hinder users' abilities to send messages to you.
  • Messages can be removed from the talkpage if they violate Wikia's Terms of Use, such as vulgar comments used for unreasonable harassment of the user. This is the ONLY acceptable reason for deleting messages from a user talkpage.
  • Talkpages are not userpages or sandboxes. Content that is added by users that is akin to content that belongs on a userpage, may be deleted.