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Note: Policy pages are also listed in Category:Policies.

Formal policies of the Terraria Wiki are rules, enforced by administrators, which dictate how various parts of the site work. In addition to descriptions of and links to all local policies, this page also describes a few important Wikia policies which users should be aware of. Policies can be created and proposed by anyone; however, they will not be put into effect unless they reflect consensus of the community.

  • Follow the instructions at the bottom of this page in order to propose a new policy.
  • Most policies should have a /summary subpage that can be transcluded.


Editing Policy

The editing policy applies to all editing across the entire wiki, and encompasses mostly basic wiki editing concepts. However, there's a few fine points, so both newcomers and seasoned editors should review this policy.

Summary: Always write an edit summary and always preview before publishing. Use proper spelling and grammar. No personal opinions on content pages, those belong in comments or blogs.

Blog Policy

The blog policy governs the proper usage of user blogs on the Terraria Wiki.

Summary: Do not make blogs for no reason. Blogs should have reasonable spelling and grammar. A blog can be marked for deletion via its comments section. Users who repeatedly abuse the blog feature will be blacklisted from making blogs for a period of time.

Talkpage Policy

The blog policy governs the proper usage of user talkpages on the Terraria Wiki.

Summary: User talkpages are not the sole property of the user, but are a tool for the community to communicate important information to one another. Messages can be archived, but not deleted.

Image Policy

The image policy governs the usage of all images/pictures used on the Terraria Wiki.

Summary: Images should be clear and easy to see. Do not upload non-Terraria images or images unrelated to the Terraria Wiki. Do not add too many images to any given page. Avoid augmenting images with text. Name images you upload appropriately. Categorize images you upload properly.

Video Policy

The video policy applies to all videos used on the Terraria Wiki.

Summary: Videos should be informative and free of inappropriate language. Videos can be added by anyone at any time, so long as the page they are being added to does not already have a video on it. Controversial videos are to be moved to Terraria Wiki:Proposed Videos to be discussed by the community.

Admin and Bureaucrat Policy

The admin and bureaucrat policy lists the qualities and responsibilities required of administrators and bureaucrats on the Terraria Wiki. It also describes the manner in which new leadership is chosen.

Summary: Administrators are to serve leadership and maintenance roles on the wiki, and are to act in the best interests of the community. Despite their extra permissions, admins do not outrank other users. New administrators may be nominated at Terraria Wiki:Rights Nominations#Administrators. Bureaucrats are particularly trusted admins who have the extra capability to manage user rights. Bureaucrats are also responsible for resolving admin disputes. New bureaucrats may be nominated at Terraria Wiki:Rights Nominations#Bureaucrats.

Blocking Policy

The blocking policy describes the manner in which administrators block users who are harming or disrupting the community, repeatedly fail to follow policies, or do not heed official warnings issued by an administrator.

Summary: Blocks may be issued to deconstructive or vandalous editors. If you feel you have been unfairly blocked, you can appeal your block by contacting the person who blocked you.

Rollback Policy

The rollback policy gives general info about the rollback tool on this wiki in addition to outlining what the tool can be used on.

Summary: Rollback is a tool which allows for multiple consecutive edits by the same editor to be reverted in a single click. Users who possess this right on this wiki are identified by green usernames. Users can be nominated for this role at Terraria Wiki:Rights Nominations.


Unlike policies, guidelines are not necessarily strictly enforced. Nevertheless, they describe a set of generally agreed upon best practices which it is highly recommended that users follow. Guidelines can be proposed in the same way that policies are.

Chat Guidelines

The chat guidelines outline general rules which everyone who uses chat on this wiki should be aware of.

Summary: Assume good faith, respect your fellow users, and exercise common sense when in chat. Chat moderators, admins, and Wikia Staff members are able to kick or ban users as needed. Admins can promote chatmods at their individual discretion.

Forum Guidelines

The forum guidelines describe standards of conduct for users who post in the forums.

Summary: Assume good faith, stay on topic, and make sure your posts are on the correct board. Keep your posts legible, and title threads appropriately. Respect other users' opinions even if you disagree with them. Forum moderators are users who have several additional abilities for use in the forums. Users with this right are responsible for maintenance and moderation on the forums, though they do not have the ability to restrict users from accessing the forums. Users may be nominated for this right at Terraria Wiki:Rights Nominations#Forum Moderators

Manual of Style

The manual of style covers how articles should be written and formatted in addition to capitalization and linking guidelines.

As this policy goes over a large number of specifics and nuances on several different topics, no summary is provided.

Wikia policies

Some policies affect all Wikia wikis, the Terraria Wiki included. The full list can be found here, but some of the most important ones are:

  • Terms of Use (Summary: You must be 13 years or older to have an account. The service is free, Wikia is not liable for anything. Don't harass or threaten other people. Don't upload malicious or obscene content. Any content you place on a Wikia wiki is licensed CC-BY-SA. Obey copyright law. For a more human-readable version of these terms, see Wikia Community Guidelines.)
  • Privacy Policy (Summary: Any information you optionally choose to reveal to Wikia might be shared with 3rd party advertisers. Also, Wikia may send cookies to your web browser.)
  • Licensing (Summary: Wikia content is licensed under CC-BY-SA by default, which means that content can be redistributed with attribution. Other licenses should be assumed not to apply unless specified.)
  • What Wikia is not (Summary: Wikia is not part of the WikiMedia project, nor is it Wikipedia, nor is it a place to advertise other websites.)

Proposing policy changes

New policies can be proposed using the Proposed Policy template; proposed updates to existing policies can be made using the Proposed Update template.

In either case, discussion will take place at Terraria Wiki talk:Policy over the course of at least a week or until a reasonable consensus is reached.

Proposing new policies

In order to propose a completely new policy, all that needs to be done is creating a page in the "Terraria Wiki:" namespace with the proposed text of the new policy. The Proposed Policy template should be placed at the top of the page.

Newly proposed policies are not to be enforced in any way until/unless they are officially implemented!

Proposing changes to existing policies

In order to propose changes to an existing policy, it is first necessary to retrieve the ID of the current version of the page from its history. Then, the user proposing an update to the page should make whatever changes they see fit. Finally, the Proposed Update template should be placed immediately below the {{policy}} template at the top of the page, with the {{{oldid}}} parameter set to the number retrieved in the first part of this section.

Until consensus is reached, the policy as it existed in the last accepted version of the page will remain in effect!

Failed proposals

Policies which community consensus is against should be marked as failed proposals. This is done by adding |failed=yes to the Proposed Policy template on the failed policy. The full code should appear as follows:

{{Proposed Policy|failed=yes}}

For policy updates which community consensus is against, the changes made when the update was proposed should just be reverted. No other changes are necessary.