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Green tick This page details a formal Terraria Wiki policy which governs one or more aspects of the wiki and its community. Policies are established and maintained by administrators on the behalf of the community. To learn how to propose changes to Terraria Wiki policies, please see Terraria Wiki:Policy#Proposing policy changes.

Basic summary of this policy: All mod pages should be in the Mod: namespace, and should never interfere with "vanilla Terraria" articles. Do not add non-mod categories to mod articles. Use mod headers and {{Infobox:Mod}} where appropriate. Do not upload images that can already be found in the mod image database.

The following guidelines are in addition to the standard policies.
  • Do not add vanilla categories to articles in the Mod: namespace. This includes all categories that are used on standard pages, eg. Category:Weapons. Likewise, do not add mod-specific categories to articles in the main namespace.
  • Add {{ModHeader|MOD NAME}} to the top of all generic articles in the Mod: namespace. If the source mod has its own header, use that instead. Current mod headers can be found in Category:Mod header templates.
  • When using a mod header, do not add Category:Mod or the standard mod's category (e.g. Category:Reborn Mod). The header will add these categories automatically.
  • You can visit the Mod Image Database for images. Please refrain from uploading images that can already be found in the database.

Creating mod articles

This section pertains to articles regarding entire mods, not individual elements found in mods.
  • Mod articles must always be in the Mod: namespace, with the Mod: prefix. Mod pages in the main namespace will be moved or deleted. To create a page in the mod namespace, simply prefix the title of your article with Mod: (no space) at Special:CreatePage - for an example, see Mod:Omnitool.
  • The mod needs to be playable. Mod ideas or concepts should only be found in user blogs.
  • {{Infobox:Mod}} should be used in every mod article, including such vital contents as a download link and link to the original, official mod posting.
  • {{modupdate}} should be placed at the top of every article, before the infobox and mod header.
  • The article should present installation instructions. In the case of tConfig mods, {{tconfig}} should be used in a section titled "Installation".
  • If an article is not properly formatted or needs improvement, please place {{cleanup}} at the top. This adds the page to Category:Articles which require cleanup.