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This is the Terraria Wiki Community Portal, which contains various information for those who wish to edit on the wiki. Anonymous editing is currently not allowed on this wiki, so please create an account if you wish to contribute. Don't worry, it's quick and relatively painless!



  • You can change your vote to another option at any time.
  • Every time parts of the poll are changed, it will be reset and votes will have to be recast.
If you were looking for...
...a place to discuss things with other users.
...help with editing the Terraria Wiki.
...a place to report an issue with/suggest changes to the wiki.
Help Out

Things to do

There are many different things you can do to help make Terraria Wiki the best it can be. The following is a list of things you can do to help the wiki. No matter your skill level, there will always be something you can do to help out.
  • Pages in the "Article stubs" category need to be checked to see if they really are stubs. If so, expand the article so you and remove the {{stub}} template and category. If not, then the stub template can just be removed.
  • All pages in the "Articles which require cleanup" categoryneed to be cleaned up and removed from that category.
  • Add infobox templates to pages:
  • Add pictures to infoboxes or pages which are missing them. Please check the Image Database and image policy before uploading new pictures.
  • Mark blurry/dark pictures with the {{delete}} template, but make sure they aren't used on a page first. It will say on the picture's page if it is used.
  • Fix basic spelling/grammar errors.
  • Summarize/rewrite long winded info (ie. info that goes on and on but barely says anything).
  • Move any update info/history under a level 2 heading labeled "Update Info" (syntax: ==Update Info==).
  • Move any notes/tips under a level 2 heading labeled "Notes"
  • Remove pages from categories they shouldn't be in. See Special:Categories for a list of all categories used on the wiki.
  • Update/remove old info and add missing new info: many pages have no "Update Info" even though they have relevant update info.
  • Write "User Guides", which are just guides written in blog posts. Add User Guides as a category to the blog when finished.
  • Replace/update incorrect links. Remember you can link to a section of a page: [[Environments#Dungeons]] will take you to the "Dungeons" section on the "Environments" page, for instance.
  • Remove red-link pictures. eg. File:Image.png
  • Remove videos that have been deleted from YouTube.
  • Remove redirects from categories; redirects shouldn't be in any categories.
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