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Green tick This page details a Terraria Wiki guideline. Unlike a policy, this guideline acts as a set of best practices which should generally be followed. Guidelines are established and maintained by administrators on the behalf of the community. To learn how to propose changes to Terraria Wiki guidelines, please see Terraria Wiki:Policy#Proposing policy changes.

Basic summary of this guideline: Assume good faith, respect your fellow users, and exercise common sense when in chat. Chat moderators, admins, and Wikia Staff members are able to kick or ban users as needed. Admins can promote chatmods at their individual discretion.

These chat guidelines outline general standards which all users should be aware of if they wish to use chat on this wiki. Chat moderators and administrators (identified in chat by silver (Silver Pickaxe icon.png) and gold (Gold Pickaxe icon.png) pickaxe icons, respectively) will enforce these guidelines at their individual discretion. Unless they are also rollbackers, chat moderators' names are colored maroon.

If they are around, Wikia Staff members are able to moderate chat as well. They are identified by Molten Pickaxe icons (Molten Pickaxe icon.png).



  • Assume good faith — As with the rest of the wiki, it should be assumed that users are not looking to actively disrupt the chat unless they prove otherwise.
    • With this in mind, it is recommended that moderators utilize simple verbal warnings before resorting to disciplinary action and only kick or ban users who continue their disruptive behavior despite being asked to stop.
  • Avoid spam — Excessive allcaps/emote use, long strings of nonsense text, starting every word in a sentence with a capital letter, sending too many messages too quickly, and the like can easily annoy other users.
  • Chat is separate from the wiki — Users who are blocked from the wiki are unable to access chat, but the reverse is not true. Except in certain circumstances, chat issues will not affect a user's status on the wiki.
  • Do not push the envelope too far — Trying to "push your luck" to see how much you can get away with is a bad idea. If you do so repeatedly, moderators will be less likely to assume good faith in future incidents.
  • Keep it relatively clean — As a general rule, conversation should not get too much more explicit than the innuendos found in Terraria itself.
    • Inappropriate language — Using profanity is strongly discouraged when used in a negative way against another chat member and action will be taken at the discretion of the moderators/admins present at the time.
  • Leave the moderation to the moderators — Feel free to direct other users to these guidelines, but please do not attempt to enforce them if you are not a moderator. Doing so may just make the situation worse.
    • Likewise, if you feel that another user is misbehaving in chat and the issue is not being addressed, please contact a moderator in private rather than confronting the user yourself.
  • Lurking is acceptable... — ...but please be reasonable. If you are in chat for hours at a time without saying anything or responding to any messages, a chatmod may see fit to kick you.
  • Note that English is the primary language here — While it is fine to speak in other languages, please make an effort to be reasonably understandable to your fellow chatters.
    • This said, do not speak in another language for the purpose of obfuscating your intentions to circumvent any of the other guidelines outlined on this page.
  • Private chat is private for a reason — Unless you need to show a chatmod or an admin something which they need in order to mediate a situation in an informed manner, please keep PMs between you and whoever you are PMing.
  • Respect other users — Do not try to force issues or conversation topics when other users have made it clear that they do not wish to discuss them. If a number of users ask you to stop doing something, please stop doing it.
  • Use common sense — There are lots of things which should just not be done in public internet locations. In particular, posting links to porn, shock sites, or screamers is likely to just get you permanently banned.


Several strings of text will automatically create specific images when typed into chat. Although these commands can be used to inject some flavor and personality into your messages, please heed the above guidelines (especially the one about spam) when using them. A list of all emoticons and the strings used to invoke them can be found at MediaWiki:Emoticons.


If a user exhibits poor behavior in chat, then chat moderators and administrators have the ability to kick or ban them. Whether to kick or ban and how long a ban will be is up to whoever is moderating the chat at the time.

  • A kick will forcibly remove a user from chat. Although the user will be able to rejoin the chat immediately, being kicked should be taken as a warning to change one's behavior or risk being banned.
  • A chat ban is a technical restriction which removes a user from chat and prevents them from rejoining it for a period of time determined by the moderator banning them. Users can appeal a chat ban by leaving a message on the talk page of any chatmod or admin, though it is recommended that they first try contacting the chatmod who banned them. Chat bans are logged at Special:Log/chatban.

Who are the chatmods?

In addition to all admins, the following users are chat moderators on this wiki. Users in this group are also always listed at Special:Listusers/chatmoderator.

Becoming a chatmod

Any admin can make users into chat moderators, and they will do so at their own discretion. Although this means that requirements will vary, having a consistent presence in chat, showing good mediation skills, and not disrupting the chat are qualities that are likely to be looked for in potential candidates.

Chat syntax

The following is intended as a formatting reference when messages use more than just standard text.

You type You get Notes
http://www.wikia.com http://www.wikia.com Linking to an external URL.
[http://www.wikia.com Wikia] [http://www.wikia.com Wikia] External links cannot have their displayed text changed, and single square brackets do not affect their formatting.
[[Terraria]] or http://terraria.wikia.com/wiki/Terraria Terraria Linking to a page on this wiki.
[[Shadow Orb]]s Shadow Orbs Text placed after an internal link will not automatically be incorporated into the link in chat.
[[TW:CHAT|Chat guidelines]] Chat guidelines Linking to a page on this wiki while changing the displayed text.
[[w:c:runescape:RuneScape:Chat/Help]] w:c:runescape:RuneScape:Chat/Help Internal interwiki link. Note that the URL displayed when the link is hovered over would be http://terraria.wikia.com/wiki/w:c:runescape:RuneScape:Chat/Help.
[[w:c:runescape:RuneScape:Chat/Help|Where the idea for this table came from!]] Where the idea for this table came from! Internal interwiki link with displayed text changed.
[[[[]]Terraria]] [[Terraria]] Can be used to show users how to link to other pages on the wiki.
[[File:Greenslime.png]] File:Greenslime.png Files can be linked to, but will not be displayed.
{{t|delete}} {{t|delete}} Templates do not function at all in chat.
[[]]:) :) Used to make emoticon pictures not display.
/me * [Your username] Used to talk in third person.