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The Teleporter allows for instant transmission between two Teleporter pads linked with Wire. As of 1.2.3 patch, wires have unlimited worldwide access, so there is no distance limit.

Placing a pressure plate on top of a teleporter creates an instant teleporter, so players don't need to rely on manually clicking levers or timers.

By attaching wire to each side, Teleporters can be chained together to provide long distance transportation. Using the alternate coloured Wires, a single Teleporter pad can be connected up to six other pads.

If more than two Teleporters are connected with a single wire, only two will activate; see the section below for more details.

Teleporters provide a blinking light source, somewhat dimmer than a Torch, alternating from off to illuminated at one second intervals.

Teleporters can only be purchased from the Steampunker but will function normally if taken to other pre-hard mode worlds.

The blocks composing a teleporter can be shaped using a hammer. Flattening a teleporter to half blocks will affect the area in which entities will teleport and their position after teleporting, as these are both relative to the teleporter's top surface.


Multiple pads on a single network

When a wire network (single color) with more than two teleporters is activated, the following algorithms determine which pair will activate.

PC (probably updated from previous algorithm in 1.2.3 patch):

  • Starting from the tile of the trigger mechanism, the length of wiring to each teleporter is measured (using a variant of Dijkstra's algorithm).
  • The teleporter closest to the source, in terms of total wiring route length, and the teleporter furthest away are each activated. (All other teleporters remain inactive, even if player is stood there.)
  • When wiring lengths are exactly the same, direction of wiring connection is considered (closest to furthest; first to last): down, up, right, left.
  • This allows selection of different destination pads on the same wire, by using different activations sources that each have different furthest pads. (Requires careful attention to wire lengths.)

Console (old algorithm):

  • Start at the trigger mechanism which caused the wire to activate.
  • Explore the network one square at a time, moving to an adjacent unexplored wire if one is available, backtracking otherwise (in other words, perform a depth first search).
  • When there is a choice of adjacent wires to explore, move left as the first choice, then right, then up, then down.
  • Keep track of the order in which the teleporters on the network are first encountered (in other words, order them by preorder).
  • The first and last teleporter in this order will activate, and the rest will do nothing.

Both algorithms are deterministic, so a fixed wiring layout will always activate the same teleporters. The wiring layout can be chosen to target the desired teleporter. In the example below, each pressure plate connects the teleporter below it to the top teleporter (console version only).



Example of a bat being teleported also.

  • If monsters (for example, Bats) are near players at the time of teleportation, they may teleport along with the player.
  • Creatures from other biomes can spawn when a teleporter is nearby.

    a blue slime in a snow biome


  • Teleporting while grappled to a surface will not cause the grappling hook to detach, and its arm will extend to where the player teleports to, where it will draw them back to the original teleporter. Flails the player has out will also be extended all the way back to the original teleporter.Fixed as of 1.2.3

Update Info


  • Wire's range extended to 3990 feet.
  • Will not work in Lihzahrd Temple.


  • Added to the game.


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