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This article is about the Jungle biome that is found on the surface. For the Jungle found underground, see Underground Jungle.

The Surface Jungle is a biome that appears on the surface of the world. It contains Trees that have decorative jungle vines.

The land is covered in jungle grass, and the sky turns a kind of greenish hue when entered. Like the Underground Jungle, the ground is mostly made of Mud. If your world was created before the 1.0.4 patch, it is possible to create an artificial jungle by placing mud over a large surface of the map and placing Jungle Grass Seeds on the mud. This is a good way to get lots of lumber without needing to plant anything. Jungle enemies will spawn and jungle trees will grow. When it is night at a jungle, the moon will turn green.

In the Jungle, trees will automatically regrow anywhere when there is 'Jungle Grass'. This feature was probably implemented before the 1.2.3 update because you were unable to place acorns on the mud. Jungle grass can be planted on Mud in other locations using Jungle Grass Seeds. Trees can also grow underwater which is a feature exclusive to the Surface and Underground Jungle.

The Surface Jungle always directly connects to the Underground Jungle, which can make it easier to find the Underground Jungle.




An artificial overgound jungle made with Jungle grass seeds.


  • Before the 1.2 patch, the Jungle was one of the safest places in hardmode.
  • On the Console version, while in the surface jungle at night, the moon will turn red, similar to a blood moon. Upon leaving the jungle, the moon will return to its normal color. This is because the as soon you enter the jungle, the spawn rate increases, not a bug that the moon turns red.

Update Info


  • You can plant Acorns on jungle grass.


  • Hardmode enemies introduced.

PC release

  • Added to the game.