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The Stynger is a ranged weapon that shoots Stynger Bolts, which break apart into shrapnel dealing additional damage to nearby enemies. It is dropped by the Golem.


  • As with most ranged weaponry, the optimal prefix for this weapon is "Unreal".
  • Due to a bug, the Stynger currently has some of the highest DPS in the game.
  • Ammo for the Stynger is sold by the Arms Dealer and Witch Doctor so long as the player has the weapon in their inventory.
  • Stynger Bolts explode on impact, dealing their full damage and splitting into three gravity-affected projectiles, each of which will again deal the full damage on impact. All four explosions deal area of effect damage.
  • Despite exploding, Stynger Bolts don't deal the player splash damage.
  • The Stynger receives rocket bonuses when used with the Shroomite Helmet, despite launching Stynger Bolts.
  • The Stynger is very powerful against large targets with multiple hitboxes, such as the Wall of Flesh or the Destroyer. Additionally, this weapon is also effective during events with large numbers of targets, such as Solar Eclipses and Pumpkin Moons.

Stynger being fired


  • As of v1.2.3, each of the pieces of shrapnel produced by Stynger Bolts in addition to the bolt itself will hit enemies twice. As a result, a single direct hit from this weapon can hit ~10 times under ideal circumstances.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.