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The Star Cannon is a rapid firing weapon that shoots Fallen Stars, making it difficult to collect ammunition for. Similar to the Thorn Chakram, the Star Cannon can be shot through walls that are 2 blocks thick, provided the player is standing against said wall. The Star Cannon has a range of 50 blocks, however, if the Fallen Star hits a Wood Platform or any terrain it will vanish, unlike other types of ammo.


  • Using the Necro Armor or Shroomite Armor sets will provide a 20% chance not to consume ammo, and the Adamantite Armor set provides 25% chance. This may be necessary to keep from running out of ammo. Ammo Reservation Potion and Ammo Box may be used as well.
  • The shots will pierce a one block thick wall.
  • Since the Star Cannon has no knockback, it is impossible to reforge it with a knockback-increasing prefix (unreal, godly, superior, etc.) Because of this, the best prefix for this weapon is demonic.
  • It has the highest damage of any pre-hardmode ranged weapon, but is not practical to use unless the player has a huge amount of Fallen Stars.
    • To farm the stars, make a skybridge and run around at night.
  • Despite being crafted from the Minishark, it does not have any chance not to consume ammo.
  • Technically, it has 56 damage, but fired Fallen Stars has a -1 damage value. This is similar to Sandgun.


  • If you put a platform under a block and and shoot it with the star cannon, the projectile won't collide with the block.

Update Info


  • Sprite updated.


  • Damage decreased from 62 to 57.


  • Damage increased to 62 from 55.
  • Fixed a bug where fired stars could be picked up again.


  • Increased Speed to Very Fast.
  • Damage decreased from 60 to 55.


  • Reduced Speed to Very Slow.
  • Damage decreased from 75 to 60.

PC release

  • Added to the game.


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