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The Staff of Regrowth can be found in the Underground Jungle in Jungle Shrines. It can also be found in chests. It deals 7 damage at "fast" speed. The staff can be used to quickly make grass grow on dirt or it can be used as a low-tier broadsword.


  • The Staff of Regrowth can be used to mark pathways leading back to the surface since grass does not naturally grow past a certain depth.
  • Once you have the Staff of Regrowth, Grass Seeds become useless.
  • Regardless of what biome you are in, the Staff of Regrowth will always create grass found in the Purity.
  • The Staff of Regrowth cannot create any type of grass on Mud Blocks.
  • The best modifier for this weapon is Legendary.

Update Info


  • Slight sprite change.


  • Sprite change, size and added a new feature.


  • Decreased Damage from 20 to 7.

PC release

  • Added to the game.