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Spawn or Spawning is when your character, a monster, or an NPC appears in a world.


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The player will spawn by default at a predetermined location which is located roughly at the horizontal center of the world (the "spawn point"). The spawn point is where the player will teleport to when using a Magic Mirror, and it can only be changed by placing a Bed in a suitable environment (same requirements as a Home) and right-clicking it. If you set your spawn point to a bed and the bed is destroyed, your spawn point will be returned to the default location. Note that, unless you are using a mod or are connected to a Multiplayer server using the appropriate plugin, when you exit the game and re-enter the world, you will teleport to your spawn point, not your last location.

If the player is a new character or is spawning as a result of dying on Mediumcore Mode, they will spawn with the default inventory, which consists of the following:

Any of these items can have a random Prefix.



NPCs will spawn once certain criteria are met. All NPCs require a Home, and each NPC has their own individual criterion that must also be fulfilled. NPCs will spawn close to their home, but have been known to get stuck in caves and holes before finally settling in. NPCs only spawn during the day and only one NPC can spawn every two minutes. They can only be despawned by dying (the Guide and Clothier can be killed by equipping a Guide Voodoo Doll (For the Guide) or a Clothier Voodoo Doll (For the Clothier) and attacking them).

The requirements for an NPC to move in (housing) is one Wooden Table or Workbench, a Wooden Chair, a Door, some background Walls, and a light source such as a Torch or Chandelier.


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Each monster has certain areas and circumstances under which they can spawn. Monsters will only spawn off-screen where there are no player-placed background walls (with the exception of monsters that spawn from bosses or statues) and have different spawn rates. NPCs will lower the spawn rate of monsters near their homes. Also, activating certain statues will make certain monsters spawn.

Affects Monster Spawn Rate

Battle Potion.png Battle Potion

Bloodmoon Icon.png Blood Moon

Eclipse.png Solar Eclipse

Water CandleNew.png Water Candle


  • If anything is obstructing the spawn point such as blocks or a door, they will automatically be removed when a character spawns there