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A Skybridge is a player-made structure, built at any altitude, that spans parts or all of a world's horizontal length.


A Skybridge can be constructed by starting at any level above ground level, it is generally best to start 200-300 feet above ground level to avoid hitting the mountainous terrain. Then place any type of block that isn't affected by gravity side by side until they reach the end of the map or the desired location. Makeshift ladders and lighting can also be added to help get around. If made from dirt blocks, Blinkroots will occasionally grow.


A Skybridge can have many different uses, the more common ones are listed below.

  • Can be used as a fast way to collect Fallen Stars, by running back and forth across the length of the Skybridge.
  • It can be used to fight bosses and other monsters.
  • It can be used to more easily get around your world, especially if you add makeshift ladders.
  • A Skybridge can make finding Floating Islands much easier.
  • Can be used to prevent Meteorites from destroying Structures.
  • A player may find a lot of Blinkroot growing on a dirt skybridge, so having one is a good way to farm Blinkroot and mushrooms.


  • Surface monsters will still spawn on a Skybridge, this can make them quite dangerous in Hardmode as the Wyverns can spawn.
  • If a Meteorite hits a Skybridge only a very small amount of Meteorite will be left. This is due to meteors replace the blocks of the first thing it "hits", since the Skybridge is generally very thin there are only a few blocks to replace, the rest is open space.
  • A roof can be added to a Skybridge prevent the attack of certain monsters, such as the Harpy.
  • An unprepared player can be swarmed by the sheer amount of monsters that can be on the skybridge.