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The Skeleton Sniper is a rare mob that spawns in the Dungeon during Hard Mode. As with all Hard Mode Dungeon monsters, they can't be found until one has killed Plantera. They can only be found in the Rusted Company area in the dungeon, where you also can find Rusty Armored Bones and Ragged Casters. These areas are marked by Rusted Company Standard banners (placing a banner will not create a Rusted Company area).

These enemies are very powerful and have a long range. Once they spot the player, even if offscreen, they will stop, take a crouching position, aim, and fire. One should target these as a high value target, as the Sniper Rifle they can drop is an incredibly powerful late-game ranged weapon. In addition to the weapon, they can drop the Rifle Scope, which allows any conventional firearm to zoom the camera like the Sniper Rifle. This is a material in the Sniper Scope, one of the most powerful Range Attack accessories.


  • Though the sprite appears to use an older model rifle, the rifle item it drops resembles more of a modern-day sniper rifle.
  • Due to a bug, sometimes the Sniper will attempt to attack the player even when there's an obvious obstruction that prevents the player from being seen by it.
  • Due to their range, massive damage output, and rarity, farming these can be difficult. A recommended practice is to work from a room which has walls on each side visible in the same screen, above one of the staircases that zig-zag through the dungeon. This not only allows summoned creatures a chance to kill it before it spots the player but forces the Sniper to move extremely close before it is able to target the player. It is obvious that the player should also place down a Water Candle if one isn't nearby, to increase the spawn rate and spawn cap. Weapons that attack through walls or otherwise home onto them could also be used.

Update Info


  • Now drops a banner.


  • Item drop chances reduced.



  • Added to the game.