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Silk is material that can be crafted with 7 Cobwebs at a Loom. Silk is used to craft several furniture pieces and Vanity Items.

Silk is a required material for beds, and while common, may often be overlooked as an important material. Players who like to use beds as comfort items in NPC homes, or set up various spawn point options around the world, should keep this in steady supply.

It is also a material in Naughty Present and having a large stockpile makes it much easier to farm the Frost Moon event.


  • Cobwebs can be found in all environments except the Ocean and The Underworld, making silk a relatively easy item to craft.
  • Cobwebs inside Spider Nests spawn at a very rapid rate, making it an ideal place to farm for silk.

Update Info


  • Changed from 10 Cobwebs to 7 Cobwebs.


  • Changed crafting station to Loom.

PC release

  • Added to the game.