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The Rainbow Rod fires a controllable orb similar to that of the Flamelash and Magic Missile, however, unlike the aforementioned weapons, the orbs change color whilst being controlled (only clearly visible at night or underground). The Rainbow Rod is the most powerful of all missile spells.



  • The Rainbow Rod is controlled with the cursor, and lasts for up to a minute.
  • When cast, the orb changes color in a spectrum similar to a rainbow, which in turn is a reference to the name.
  • The Rainbow Rod is an excellent PvP (Player versus Player) weapon:
    • It has a very high damage-to-mana ratio and fire speed, especially when reforged with the Mythical prefix.
    • It can bypass most fortifications.
    • Its speed allows it to be used as a last resort; firing a spam of rainbows in one direction will severely injure or kill players unless they dodge with wings.
    • Its ability for it to kill when the player using it is behind cover makes it the Terrarian equivalent of a drone missile.
  • Unless underground or it is night time, the player may not see the projectile change colors.
  • On Mobile, you require 10 Souls of Light instead of 8.
  • The Rainbow Rod's projectile travels at the same speed as the Mechanical Cart.
    • This means that huge numbers of projectiles can be stacked on top of one another, dealing massive damage on contact.

A rainbow projectile.


  • Icon xbox360.png Icon ps3.png The Rainbow Rod caused a bug where all others on a multiplayer game would get kicked to the dashboard (on Xbox) or freeze (PS3), unless the host was the one using it, in which case everyone but the host would be kicked to the dashboard/freeze.Fixed
  • If used at the bottom of the world and moved upward, at a certain area the projectile will disappear.

Update Info


  • Damage increased from 53 to 72 and Mana Cost from 10 to 18.


  • Added to the game.


Pre-Hard Mode Offensive

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Item 739(0).png  Amethyst Staff

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Hard Mode Offensive

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Laser Machinegun

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Terraria Rainbow Rod.png  Rainbow Rod

Item 2622(0).png  Razorblade Typhoon

Item 1930(0).png  Razorpine

Item 1444(0).png  Shadowbeam Staff

Item 3053(0).png  Shadowflame Hex Doll

Item 1446(0).png  Spectre Staff

Item 1296(0).png  Staff of Earth

Item 683(0).png  Unholy Trident

Item 2188o.png  Venom Staff

Item 1155(0).png  Wasp Gun


Item 3124(0).png  Cell Phone

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Terraria Ice Rod.png  Ice Rod

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