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Pumpking's full body.

The Pumpking is a Hard Mode boss that spawns during the Pumpkin Moon. It first makes an appearance during wave 7, and it seems to have an AI similar to Skeletron. It has two lengthy arms, each with a large sickle. These hands act much like Skeletron's hands, but they are indestructible.

Pumpking is considered the final boss of the Pumpkin Moon. After wave 7, multiple Pumpkings can spawn at the same time. In later waves of the event, up to 7 Pumpkings can attack the player at once,

It is recommended that multiple players take on this boss at the same time, since other bosses and enemies can still spawn, and Pumpking can prove to be very difficult because of this. However, the more players there are, the more Pumpkings will spawn.


Pumpking's attack pattern depends on the way its face appears; and this will change somewhat unpredictably (unaffected by taking damage). When its face is a traditional Jack-o-Lantern style grin, he will attack the player with his sickles in a similar manner to that of Skeletron. It is advised the player uses the same strategies as they would with Skeletron when fighting Pumpking in this mode.

When Pumpking has an O shaped mouth, he will still attack with his arms. However, Pumpking will also attack the player using greek fire, not unlike the Mourning Wood.

Lastly, when Pumpking is in his final mode, his face will appear similar to that of his first mode but his eyes and mouth will be narrower. In this mode, he will attack the player with blades similar to the projectiles of the Demon Scythe spell.

Note that which face the Pumpking will change to is random, so be prepared for any of them.

Pumpking will flee if all players either exit the game or die.


There are numerous ways to take the Pumpking on as he can die very quickly with high DPS weapons, but some of the most common tactics are listed here:

  • Ranger: The Stynger is a very efficient weapon to ravage a Pumpking or a group of them as the waves progress. With a good damage-focused setup (preferably one that favors accessories with the Menacing or Lucky prefix), the main projectile and shrapnel produced all have the ability to deal damage upwards of 70 with each hit. Dodging skills are still necessary as Rangers do not have a lifesteal weapon or Armor set designed specifically for them and have to rely on regen, heart statues , and Healing Potions. If you've done a Frost Moon and obtained the Snowman Cannon or defeated Duke Fishron and received the Tsunami then those can be even more preferable choices due to the lower use time and homing on the Cannon, and the multiple choices for arrow effects on the Tsunami.
  • A second ranger strategy requires wings, a Megashark, and about 550 Exploding Bullets. Fly up and down in a straight line, shooting the Megashark at the Pumpking as you do.
  • Melee: Piercing and Homing weapons (Terra Blade, Flairon, Scourge of the Corruptor, Paladin's Hammer, Possessed Hatchet, etc.) are more than an excellent choice for Warriors challenging the Moon and Pumpking for the first few times. Once you've obtained The Horseman's Blade from killing Pumpkings, farming them becomes easy due to the ability to make a small box with about 6 monster spawning statues (3 on a platform above another 3 below), hooking them up to an engine or timer/pressure plate and continually swinging the sword while in the statue box. The amount of homing projectiles produced using this method will defeat a Pumpking down in seconds, albeit it is a bit of a cheesy method.
  • Magic: If one has already gained a Razorpine from the Frost Moon or a Bat Scepter from Pumpking himself and can dodge his attacks, they can use the Spectre Armor with the Spectre Mask to quickly destroy a Pumpking. One can also use the Spectre Hood if healing is necessary.


  • Pumpking's name is a portmanteau of Pumpkin and King.
  • On the mobile version, there is a glitch where Pumpking's head goes behind the cloak collar.

Update Info


  • Lowered duration on scythe attack.


  • Added to the game.