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The Possessed Hatchet is an endgame melee weapon dropped by Golem that, when thrown, will follow an enemy and attack it once, then return to the player. In terms of functionality, it is a fast, axe-shaped boomerang that will follow targets until it hits.

Its homing property lets it hit enemies outside of its usual throwing range (often even off-screen), making it useful for bosses that tend to evade the player's attack. It is also incredibly useful for targeting monsters from behind cover, for instance throwing it vertically from the other side of a wall. However, it will not chase players in PvP, like all homing projectiles. The best prefix for this weapon is Godly since its size cannot be modified.


  • The Possessed Hatchet uses the effects of flasks.
  • The Possessed Hatchet emits light when thrown, making it useful in caves.
  • Like the Terra Blade it can go through angled blocks.

Update Info


  • Damage reduced from 90 to 80, use time reduced from 15 to 14.
  • Can now be thrown multiple times in quick succession, akin to stacked Light Discs.


  • Added to the game.