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Possessed Armor is a hostile purple humanoid that spawns at night and in caves after you have defeated the Wall of Flesh. It has a relatively high resistance to knockback.

One could consider these monsters to be hardmode versions of Zombies, as they have the same AI style. However, unlike zombies, they can open doors on any night whether it is a Blood Moon or not. It is recommended to make doors inaccessible or un-openable at night, or use Actuators with walls to "lock" entrances.

New Hardmode players should take caution with this enemy as it has high health, can open doors, and ironically has higher defense than the Wall of Flesh.

Even though they strongly resemble armored mannequins, there is no relation between them. The armor these monsters appear in is not obtainable in the game at this time.

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  • Unlike most mobs, the debuff "On Fire!" will not work on Possessed Armor, though they are still affected by "Cursed Inferno".
  • Possessed Armors leave behind afterimages similar to those of a player equipped with the Shadow Armor set.
  • They can spawn underground in Corrupt/Crimson and Hallowed areas as well. Their "hit" sound is the same mechanical "plink" as when hitting a Mimic, which can trick the player and allow Hallowed/Crimson/Corrupt Mimics to sneak up on the player.
  • One can disguise themselves as Possessed Armor by wearing Shadow Armor and consuming a Potion Of Invisibility .This however won't work on mobs and some players.


  • Possessed Armors will spawn in a Pre-Hard Mode world if the player has already entered Hard Mode (Mobile).

Update Info


  • Added to the game.