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Placement Layers are the areas of Terraria that can be interacted with by the player. There are four placement layers in Terraria: Background, Furniture, Wire, and Foreground.


Copper Pillars.png

The Background (or Wall Layer) is the farthest back placement layer. Nothing can be placed behind this layer, but everything else in Terraria will be shown over this layer. The only thing in Terraria that can be placed in the background is walls.

  • All walls prevent Monsters from spawning, allow many furniture items to be hung on them, and are required for NPC housing.
  • Walls do not prevent players or monsters from passing through.
  • With the exception of Dirt Wall, Ice Wall, Gem Wall, Spider Wall, and Dungeon Wall there is no functional difference between them.
  • Walls can be placed in the Underground layers once stones start to appear in the backdrop.
  • Most naturally-occurring walls can only be broken from an edge, using either a hammer-type tool or an explosion (Bomb or Dynamite), and do not drop anything when broken. Other Walls can be broken from any point and will drop a wall place-able block.
  • One brick will craft 4 wall blocks of that type. Some walls can be crafted back into bricks. Walls can only be placed next to bricks or other Walls.
  • To calculate how many blocks are needed to make enough wall to cover an area, multiply the number of blocks long by the number of blocks tall then divide by four.

Types of Walls

Special Walls

These walls can only be obtained through the destruction of the dungeon background with a hammer, hamaxe, or explosives. Explosives will only destroy the walls that aren't blocked by the actual bricks, because dungeon bricks cannot be destroyed with Bombs or Dynamite: Blue Brick Wall, Green Brick Wall, Pink Brick Wall.


Main Article: Furniture

Furniture are items often strictly decorative, but many have interactive features. This layer is ahead of the background and lines up with the foreground layer, allowing placement of items in front of Walls, but not with other blocks. Characters are allowed to pass items on the furniture layer.

Furniture Categories

Terraria Banner.png
Terraria Bookcase.png
Book ItemPage.png
Terraria Bowl items.png
Terraria Candelabra.png
Chain Lantern.png
Chain Lantern
Chandelier ItemPage.png
Terraria Chinese Lantern1.png
Chinese Lantern
Terraria Dresser.png
Gold Chest.png
Gold Chest
Terraria Grandfather Clock.png
Grandfather Clock
Terraira Clay Pot.png
Clay Pot
Wooden Door.png
Terraria Lamp Post.png
Lamp Post
Terraria Piano1.png
Piggy Bank.png
Piggy Bank
Terraria Pink Vase1.png
Pink Vase
Terraria Safe1.png
Terraria Shadow Chest.png
Shadow Chest
Terraria Skull Lantern 1.png
Skull Lantern
Terraria Statue 1.png
Terraria Throne 1.png
Terraria Tiki Torch.png
Tiki Torch
Terraria Toilet 1.png
Terraria Trash Can.png
Trash Can
Water Candle.png
Water Candle
Terraria Wood Platform.png
Wood Platform


"Doodads" add detail to the environment. Doodads include, but are not limited to, stalagmites and stalactites, bone piles, rocks, weeds, grass, and more. Doodads must be removed before other furniture items can be placed. Vases and other pot like doodads often contain items and will drop them upon being broken with a pickaxe. An important and rare doodad resembles a bag of copper, silver, or gold coins and will yield coins when broken with a pickaxe. Coin bags are often found in pyramids. Worms can be found in doodads.


Main Article: Blocks

The Foreground layer is occupied by the characters and all the blocks. This is the layer that most everything in Terraria collides with, including the player and most of the monsters and NPCs in the game. Some monsters can pass through the foreground and attack the player without being spotted. Items in the foreground cannot be placed over furniture. They can be placed on other blocks, areas with Walls, and ends of Platforms. There are over 200 blocks place-able in the foreground. The Brick Layer,Tool Box and Builder Potion will increase block laying speed. The Builder Potion, Toolbelt and Tool Box will increase placement range. Actuators allow the Wire Layer in interact with the Foreground.


Main Article: Wire

The wire layer in Terraria has the least amount of objects available. The only objects are wires and Actuators. It is not possible to see this layer if the player doesn't equip wire related items e.g. Wrench and Wire Cutters. This layer is placed more ahead than other layers, nothing can cover wires, except shadows. Many Mechanisms can interact with wire. Actuators are needed to alter Foreground Blocks to the "off" state, allowing characters (and boulders) to pass.


The backdrop is a Biome indicator and not to be confused with Background as a Placement Layer. Blocks, walls, and furniture cannot be placed on the backdrop. The backdrop will change dependant on the biome and location in the world. Deep underground the backdrop will change to a rocky wall with either dirt or stone depending on depth in the world. Near the ocean biome, the backdrop turns to a large ocean with an island in the background.