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The Phoenix Blaster is a type of gun and is an upgraded version of the Handgun. It deals 23 damage and rated at very fast speed. It's crafted at an Iron Anvil using a Handgun and 10 Hellstone Bars. Bullets shot from the Phoenix Blaster fly farther and faster than the normal Handgun. Like most guns, it can use any bullets as ammo.



  • Although upgraded, the gun is still semi-automatic.
  • It has the same sell value as the normal Handgun.
  • The gun itself does not emit light but it can be seen in the dark.
  • Icon mobile.png In the Mobile Version, it can be found in a Shadow Chest.

Update Info



  • Damage reduced.

PC release

  • Added to the game.
Items Requiring Hellstone
Tools Molten Pickaxe · Molten Hamaxe
Weapons Fiery Greatsword · Flamarang · Hellfire Arrow · Imp Staff · Molten Fury · Phoenix Blaster
Armor Molten Helmet · Molten Breastplate · Molten Greaves
Furniture Obsidian Chest
Potions Flask of Fire
Other Hellstone Bar · Hellstone Brick