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The Pearlsand Block is a hallowed variant of a regular Sand Block, and will expand The Hallow until another biome (such as the Jungle) interrupts the spread. Pearlsand Blocks form the Hallowed Desert biome, in which the Light Mummy will spawn.


  • Like Sand, Crimsand Blocks, and Ebonsand, Pearlsand can be smelted into glass with a Furnace.
  • Pearlsand Blocks can be used as ammo in the Sandgun.
  • If fired with the Sandgun while wearing any of the hardmode ranger armor sets, one can essentially create infinite amounts of Pearlsand. This is because they sometimes do not consume ammo.
  • Pearlsand is often confused with Snow Block because of their similar color.

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Update Info


  • Max stack increased from 250 to 999.


  • Added to the game.

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