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A player wearing Sunglasses in outer space.

Outer Space is a small biome that is at the very top of the map. When a player moves near it, the sky will become black (though the difference between night and day are still noticeable lighting-wise.) There will be lowered gravity. Harpies and, when you unlock hardmode, Wyverns will spawn.


  • There are no actual differences between this and regular sky spawning-wise. All the same flying mobs spawn.
  • Gravity is much lower: this makes the player jump higher, fall slower and arrows and thrown items travel in a less curved path.
  • Despite being completely devoid of obstacles, the spawn rate of Wyverns and the overall reduced speed due to the reduced gravity make it unadvisable to fight Bosses in.
  • Although players may be tempted to create a structure such as a space ship or station in this area, this sort of thing is not recommended unless end-Hardmode gear is acquired first due to the high spawn rates of Wyverns and Harpies, the former of which can pose an active threat no matter how advanced the player is.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.


Red's Armor in space.