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The Mushroom Spear is a Spear sold by the Truffle NPC for 70 Gold Coin in PC and 30 Gold Coin in Console/Mobile. It inflicts 60 damage and 72 in mobile. It is capable of damaging mobs through solid blocks. When used, it leaves a trail of spinning Glowing Mushrooms, which swiftly fade. The best Prefix for this weapon, as with all Spears, is Godly


Mushroom Spear - Terraria 1.2 Guide New Melee Weapon!

At the beginning of Hard Mode, if you do not have access to very good armor yet, it is advisable to obtain this weapon as swiftly as possible, as it is one of the best early-Hardmode weapons, if you have a Glowing Mushroom Biome with a suitable house within in your world. Remember that it is possible to make your own surface biome by placing down a two or three block thick layer of Mud and planting Mushroom Grass Seeds on it.

Wall-Piercing Effect

The spear itself does not pierce through solid blocks (with the usual exceptions when striking non-solid mobs like the Man Eater), as can be seen when attempting to strike mobs through walls; no knockback affects them. The damage that pierces through walls is instead caused by the spinning mushroom trail left behind by the spear-tip and causes no knockback.


It has a myriad of uses thanks to the unique trail it leaves behind, which damages mobs for about half of its own damage in addition to its normal piercing attack. Each mushroom only exists for a brief period of time, but their timeout appears to be unaffected by dealing damage. They cause no knockback, so a mob may run into all of them and be dealt significant damage as it passes through them. Due to this, it appears to be an ideal weapon for dealing with segmented mobs as well as bosses, such as The Destroyer and The Twins. It is important to remember that the mushroom trail follows the spear-tip, and as such it is possible to take advantage of this to spread the trail out like a short-lived wall of damage by jumping and attacking simultaneously. When fired backwards while running, the trail is concentrated roughly into one point (depends on your movement speed) which will deal massive damage to anything that's chasing you.

It can come in handy on a Blood Moon or Solar Eclipse event at the very beginning of Hard Mode, when the player is yet to obtain higher-tier armor. Using this weapon, it is possible to remain within one's house and still grab a significant amount of loot from monsters as they assault the home. It is wise to take precautions so that nothing can enter the home, however. As with all spears, it can be a little difficult to fight in cramped spaces, although the mushroom trail can be very useful in such situations.

A very good way of fighting hordes of monsters who can't attack through walls is to simply wall yourself in completely and keep stabbing through the walls. This can make surviving a Pirate Invasion or other events as well as fighting strong monsters with non-penetrating attacks (e.g. an Ice Golem) extremely easy, albeit boring.

Another possible use for the spear is looking through walls at short range as the mushroom trail illuminates its immediate surroundings, making it possible to see ores and caves you normally couldn't see without a Spelunker Potion or other means of illumination. Although this has limited efficiency, it can be a way to save Spelunker Potions if they're in limited supply.

Update Info


  • Only obtained after any of the three Mechanical bosses has been defeated.
  • Buy/sell price increased from 45 Gold Coin / 9 Gold Coin to 70 Gold Coin / 14 Gold Coin.


  • Mushroom Spear now deals 55 damage, instead of 60.


  • Can now be reforged.


  • Added to the game.

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