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In Multiplayer, several people can meet up, mine, build, slay monsters (or each other), and in general play together.



On the title screen, click the multiplayer option, next, click either of the 3 options, (or back if no longer wish to go on the page). For "Join via IP", type in the correct IP address. For "Host and Play", access through LAN. You can create LAN over the Internet with software like Radmin VPN. If you do join, the easiest way to join is to type "play".


Same information from Desktop.


Tap on the "play" button, next choose your chosen character and tap on "join game". After wait and a world with the hosts' name will appear. Note this can only be accessible only through LAN. Also, unlike on Desktop and Console, only 4 players can join a world.


Same information from Mobile.


Let's Play Terraria Pt. 1 "Hello World"

"Let's Play" video of Red and Blue playing alpha Terraria multiplayer


The maximum number of players in multiplayer varies based on the settings of the server.

Multiplayer worlds function no different from single player ones, other than an increased monster spawn rate (which is not affected by the number of players, only by the fact that there is more than one player). The items in the player's inventory in single player are also available in multiplayer and vice-versa.


Chat mechanics are only on the Desktop version. In order to access chat (or talk to other players), press enter and type in a message, then press enter to send it. Similar to roblox's chat, there are commands and it is possible to scroll through the history of the chat with up to 500 history views. If there are more then 500 chat messages displayed, then the oldest (top most) will be deleted and cannot be viewed anymore. In order to view the history in the chat box, press the up and down keys while you are present in the chat.

The commands in the chat are-

  • help
  • playing
  • clear
  • exit
  • exit-nosave
  • save
  • kick<playername></playername>
  • ban<playername></playername>
  • password
  • password<pass></pass>
  • version
  • time
  • port
  • maxplayers
  • say<words></words>
  • dawn
  • noon
  • dusk
  • midnight
  • settle

Note, a / is not needed to use the command.

In the mobile, 3ds and console versions, there is a chat box, but only for display messages by the game such as, "you feel an evil presence watching you..." (Which signals the Eye of Cthulhu).

Other Features

In multiplayer, the PvP and team buttons that appear at the top of the equipment UI can be used.

The PvP button allows players to activate PvP mode, which makes their attacks collide with and damage other players who also have PvP enabled.

The team options allow players to join color-coded teams. Players will be able to see how far from every other member of their team they are (in feet), a general indicator of which direction every other teammate is in, as well as how much health each member has remaining (if they are not damaged, no HP indicator is drawn). Players on the same team are unable to damage each other via normal means, even with PvP enabled.

Certain exclusive items are exclusive to multiplayer such as

  • Wormhole Potions
  • Team hair dye (purchased from Stylist)
  • Team dye

Anti-Cheating Mechanism

The game has a built in anti-cheat mechanic, that will kick you if you try to cheat.

Sometimes though the game considers using the Aqua Scepter cheating, and you will get the message shown on the picture. It will also kick you for building too fast, using the Minishark and other fast projectile weapons in battle (especially Bosses). The Vilethorn is also a weapon that can trigger an auto kick. It can also kick the host. This is most likely a bug and was thought to be fixed in the future, but most likely will not be.

Steam Integration

As of update 1.3, Multiplayer has been streamlined so that players no longer have to join via IP and port forward. Instead, they can join Steam friends who are on a server.