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Each night in Terraria the moon moves across the sky from left to right (West to East). As each night passes, the moon moves into a different phase. Even if it is a Blood Moon, the cycle will not be disrupted, and continue as usual.

Including the Blood Moon, you could say there are actually 15 different phases of the moon, treating a full moon and a full Blood Moon as different phases. A new moon cannot be a Blood moon due to the moon not being in the sky. Without the Blood Moon there are only eight phases.



  • Illegal Gun Parts can be bought from the Arms Dealer during any moon phase for 25 Gold Coin.
  • Plumbers Outfit (pants and shirt only) can only be bought from the Clothier on a full moon for 25 Gold Coin each.
  • The Doctor's Outfit can only be purchased from the Clothier on the night after a full moon for 20 Gold Coin each.
  • The Cowboy Outfit (a set of hat, jacket, and pants) can be bought on the moon's First Quarter.
  • Werewolves only spawn on Full Moons, after the Wall of Flesh has been defeated. These are as common as Zombies and hard to take down due to their damage and defense, especially during a Blood Moon.
  • When equipped with Moon Charm during night the player will instantly turn into a Werewolf.
  • You can very faintly hear werewolves howl after a Full Moon.
  • On the console version there is a bug where the Plumbers Outfit can be sold by the Clothier during the day signifying the next night will be a full moon.
  • There is a chance for your Moon to be a ringed planet instead.
  • During Pumpkin Moon and Frost Moon events the moon gains a face resembling a Jack-o'-Lantern and Snowman head respectively.


  • Unlike the real life moon, moon phase changes every night rather than every 7 nights.
  • The Pumpkin Moon and the Frost Moon both appear as a pumpkin and snowman.