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For a list of all hostile NPCs, please see Category:Monsters.

Forest Monsters


  1. Passive monsters (will not attack the player):
    Animated terraria bunny.gif
  2. Neutral monsters (will only attack after provocation; can still run into and damage the player):
    Animated terraria slime(blue).gif
  3. Aggressive monsters:
Note: All Neutral enemies turn aggressive upon nightfall.


  1. Passive monsters:
  2. Aggressive monsters:
  3. Hard Mode monsters:
Note: All Hard Mode enemies are aggressive.

Windy Days

These enemies only spawn during windy days. It should be noted that during any windy days, everything will start to sway back & fourth in the direction of the wind, and the tree’s leaves will move with the wind.

  1. Pre-Hard Mode monsters:


These enemies only spawn during rainstorms. It should be noted that during rainstorms, Goldfish spawn on land and walk outside of water as well, and thus their numbers will increase during rainstorms.

  1. Pre-Hard Mode monsters:
  2. Hard Mode monsters:
    True rainbow slime (1).gif

Underground Monsters

Dirt Layer

  1. Passive monsters:
    Terraria Goldfish.png
  2. Aggressive monsters:
    Terraria Giant worm head.png
  3. Hard Mode monsters:

Stone Layer

  1. Passive monsters:
    The mouse.png
  2. Aggressive monsters:
    Cave Bat.png
  3. Pre-Hard Mode Glowing Mushroom Biome:
    Fungi Bulb.png
  4. Hard Mode monsters:
    Green Jellyfish.png
  5. Post-Hard Mode Glowing Mushroom Biome:
    Fungo Fish.png
  6. Spider Nests:
    Black Recluse.png

Desert Monsters

  1. Passive monsters:
  2. Pre-Hard Mode monsters:
    Antlion New.png
  3. Post-Hard Mode monsters:

Corruption Monsters

All Corruption monsters are aggressive.

  1. Pre-Hard Mode monsters:
    Terraria Eater of Souls.png
  2. Post-Hard Mode monsters:
    Corrupt Slime.png

Crimson Monsters

All Crimson monsters are aggressive.

  1. Pre-Hard Mode monsters:
    Face Monster.png
  2. Post-Hard Mode monsters:

Hallowed Monsters

Hallowed monsters only appear post-Hard Mode and are all aggressive.

  1. Surface:
    Terraria unicorn gallop .gif
  2. Underground:
    File-Illuminant Slime.png

Meteor Monsters

Dungeon Monsters

  1. Pre-Hard Mode monsters:
    Angry Bones 4.png
  2. Post-Hard Mode monsters:
  3. Immortal monsters:
    Terraria Blazing Wheel.png
Note: Hard Mode creatures will not spawn in the Dungeon until after the player has defeated Plantera.

Lihzahrd Temple Monsters


Jungle Monsters

  1. Surface Jungle monsters:
  2. Hard Mode Surface monsters:
    Angry Trapper.png
  3. Underground Jungle monsters:
    Small bee.png
  4. Hard Mode Underground monsters:

Snow Biome Monsters

  1. Passive monsters:
  2. Aggressive monsters:
    Corrupt Penguin.png
  3. Hard Mode monsters:
  4. Hard Mode underground monsters
    Wolf (1).png

Ocean Monsters

All Ocean monsters are aggressive.


Underworld Monsters

  1. Pre-Hard Mode monsters:
    Terraria Voodoo demon Animated
  2. Post-Hard Mode monsters:
    Lava Bat NPC 151.png
Note: Hard Mode monsters with the exception of the Tortured Soul will not spawn in the Underworld until at least one Hard Mode boss has been defeated.

Special Event Spawns

All Event-spawned monsters are aggressive. They tend to spawn in waves of a certain number of enemies and may be centered around specific places on the map as opposed to being focused on the player.

Goblin Army Spawns

Goblin Summoner.png

Frost Legion Spawns

The Frost Legion is (usually) a Hard Mode only event, as the Snow Globe can only be obtained in Hard Mode. It can be summoned at any time, however.

Pirate Invasion Spawns

The Pirate Invasion will only occur after entering Hard Mode.

Solar Eclipse Spawns

Solar Eclipses only occur after entering Hard Mode and defeating one of the mechanical bosses.

Pumpkin Moon Spawns

The Pumpkin Moon only occurs in Hard Mode by making a Pumpkin Moon Medallion with 30 Pumpkins, 5 Ectoplasm, and 10 Hallowed Bars. (Poltergeist to Pumpking are not ordered by waves)

Frost Moon Spawns

The Frost Moon only occurs in Hard Mode by making a Naughty Present which needs 20 Silk, 5 Ectoplasm, and 5 Souls of Fright.

Martian Madness Spawns

This event occurs in Hard Mode after defeating Golem. It is triggered when a Martian Probe is allowed to scan the player and escape.

Celestial Event Spawns

This event occurs in Hard Mode after defeating Golem. It is triggered by defeating the Ancient Cultists that spawn at the entrance to the Dungeon, and then killing the Lunatic Cultist, which appears after all 4 of the Ancient Cultists are dead.

  1. Nebula Pillar Monsters:
  2. Solar Pillar Monsters:
  3. Stardust Pillar Monsters:
  4. Vortex Pillar Monsters:

Old One's Army spawns

Enemies that spawn during the event. The tiers progreeds as follow: Tier 1 will last until at least one Mechanical Boss is defeated; Tier 2 starts after defeating any mechanical boss, and will continue until the Golem is defeated; Tier 3 is unlocked after defeating the Golem.

  1. Pre-Hardmode: (Tier 1)
  2. Hardmode: (Tier 2)
  3. Post-Golem: (Tier 3)


Pre-Hard Mode

Hard Mode

Boss Minions

Coin Drops

Enemy Coin drops are calculated from set values in the game code, but in-game have an unstated variable factor that is multiplied onto that value every time those coins are dropped. For example; the Dungeon Slime is set to drop 1 Silver Coin 50 Copper Coin , but would in reality drop that or anything around that amount. The same rule applies with Pinky, being set to drop 1 Gold Coin but dropping that or anything a little over or a little under that. This rule applies to all NPCs that drop coins.

Update Info


  • Enemies now have a health bar. You will see the health bar below them when you hit them with a weapon.

PC release

  • Added to the game.