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This page is for the organization of images from mods. If you'd like an image to be added to the database, please leave a comment.


Images from the Reborn Mod can be found in this section.

Image Image Name Item Name
Mod-Reborn aqua-feathers-rod.png Mod-Reborn aqua-feathers-rod.png Aqua Feathers Rod
Mod-Reborn blue-station.png Mod-Reborn blue-station.png Blue Station
Mod-Reborn claw-of-the-coiler.png Mod-Reborn claw-of-the-coiler.png Claw of the Coiler
Claws of Amerthias.png Claws of Amerthias.png Claws of Amerthias
Mod-Reborn clobber-hand.png Mod-Reborn clobber-hand.png Clobber Hand
Mod-Reborn copper-spear.png Mod-Reborn copper-spear.png Copper Spear
Mod-Reborn crest-of-earth.png Mod-Reborn crest-of-earth.png Crest of Earth
Mod-Reborn crest-of-fire.png Mod-Reborn crest-of-fire.png Crest of Fire
Mod-Reborn crest-of-water.png Mod-Reborn crest-of-water.png Crest of Water
Dungeon Guardian Sword.png Dungeon Guardian Sword.png Guardian Sword
Fiery Egg.png Fiery Egg.png Fiery Egg
Mod-Reborn floater-shoes.png Mod-Reborn floater-shoes.png Floater Shoes
Golden Spear.png Golden Spear.png Golden Spear
Grassy Egg.png Grassy Egg.png Grassy Egg
Mod-Reborn green-station.png Mod-Reborn green-station.png Green Station
Mod-Reborn hair-dye-drawer.png Mod-Reborn hair-dye-drawer.png Hair Dye Drawer
Hallowed Bar.png Hallowed Bar.png Hallowed Bar
Hallowed Brick.png Hallowed Brick.png Hallowed Brick
Hallowed Brick Wall.png Hallowed Brick Wall.png Hallowed Brick Wall
Hallowed Grand Falcion.png Hallowed Grand Falcion.png Hallowed Grand Falcion
Hallowed Grand Warhammer.png Hallowed Grand Warhammer.png Hallowed Grand Warhammer
Hallowed Great Pole Axe.png Hallowed Great Pole Axe.png Hallowed Great Pole Axe
Hallowed Greatsword.png Hallowed Greatsword.png Hallowed Greatsword
Hallowed Long Scythe.png Hallowed Long Scythe.png Hallowed Long Scythe
Mod-Reborn hallowed-ore.png Mod-Reborn hallowed-ore.png Hallowed Ore
Mod-Reborn heely-wheelies.png Mod-Reborn heely-wheelies.png Heely Wheelies
Mod-Reborn iron-spear.png Mod-Reborn iron-spear.png Iron Spear
Mod-Reborn light-cube.png Mod-Reborn light-cube.png Light Cube
Mod-Reborn mechanical-phoenix.png Mod-Reborn mechanical-phoenix.png Mechanical Phoenix
Mod-Reborn pants-drawer.png Mod-Reborn pants-drawer.png Pants Drawer
Mod-Reborn phoenix-armor.png Mod-Reborn phoenix-armor.png Phoenix Armor
Mod-Reborn phoenix-circlet.png Mod-Reborn phoenix-circlet.png Phoenix Circlet
Mod-Reborn phoenix-greaves.png Mod-Reborn phoenix-greaves.png Phoenix Greaves
Mod-Reborn phoenix-helmet.png Mod-Reborn phoenix-helmet.png Phoenix Helmet
Mod-Reborn phoenix-mask.png Mod-Reborn phoenix-mask.png Phoenix Mask
Mod-Reborn red-station.png Mod-Reborn red-station.png Red Station
Mod-Reborn shirt-drawer.png Mod-Reborn shirt-drawer.png Shirt Drawer
Mod-Reborn shoe-drawer.png Mod-Reborn shoe-drawer.png Shoe Drawer
Mod-Reborn silver-spear.png Mod-Reborn silver-spear.png Silver Spear
Spiked Buckler.png Spiked Buckler.png Spiked Buckler
Spiked Necklace.png Spiked Necklace.png Spiked Necklace
Mod-Reborn straight-claw.png Mod-Reborn straight-claw.png Straight Claw
Mod-Reborn styling-mirror.png Mod-Reborn styling-mirror.png Styling Mirror
Mod-Reborn tobuscus-shirt.png Mod-Reborn tobuscus-shirt.png Tobuscus Shirt
Mod-Reborn token-of-time.png Mod-Reborn token-of-time.png Token of Time
Mod-Reborn undershirt-drawer.png Mod-Reborn undershirt-drawer.png Undershirt Drawer
Mod-Reborn watery-egg.png Mod-Reborn watery-egg.png Watery Egg
Mod-Reborn yellow-station.png Mod-Reborn yellow-station.png Blue Station
Image Image Name Monster Name
Armored Dwarven Axeman.png Armored_Dwarven_Axeman.png Armored Dwarven Axeman
Armored Dwarven Warrior.png Armored_Dwarven_Warrior.png Armored Dwarven Warrior
Mod-Reborn armored-dwarven-crossbowman.png Mod-Reborn_armored-dwarven-crossbowman.png Armored Dwarven Crossbowman
Aquatix.png Aquatix.png Aquatrix
Mechanical Aquatix.png Mechanical Aquatix.png Mechanical Aquatrix
Jungix.png Jungix.png Junglix
Mechanical Jungix.png Mechanical Jungix.png Mechanical Junglix
Phoenix.png Phoenix.png Firax
Mechanical Phoenix.png Mechanical Phoenix.png Mechanical Firax

Obsidian Mod

Images from the Obsidian Mod can be found in this section.

Image Image Name Item Name
Ice.png Ice.png Active Ice Tile
Item 594.png item 594.png Active Snow Brick
Adamantite Hamaxe.png Adamantite Hamaxe.png Adamantite Hamaxe
Angler Fish Aura Item.png Angler Fish Aura Item.png Angler Fish Aura
Bunny Cage.png Bunny Cage.png Bunny Cage
Cage.png Cage.png Cage
Cave Harpy Feather.png Cave Harpy Feather.png Cave Harpy Feather
Chipset.png Chipset.png Chipset
Cobalt Hamaxe.png Cobalt Hamaxe.png Cobalt Hamaxe
Cold Bed.png Cold Bed.png Cold Bed
Copper Boomerang.png Copper Boomerang.png Copper Boomerang
Copper Javelin.png Copper Javelin.png Copper Javelin
Copper War Hammer.png Copper War Hammer.png Copper War Hammer
Corrupted Tooth.png Corrupted Tooth.png Corrupted Tooth
Counter.png Counter.png Counter
Dark Gel.png Dark Gel.png Dark Gel
Day'N'Night.png Day'N'Night.png Day'N'Night
Death Aura Item.png Death Aura Item.png Death Aura
Death Soul.png Death Soul.png Death Soul
Demon Aura.png Demon Aura.png Demon Aura
Demon Soul.png Demon Soul.png Demon Soul
Dying Soul.png Dying Soul.png Dying Soul
Elemental Workbench.png Elemental Workbench.png Elemental Workbench
Eternium Bar.png Eternium Bar.png  Eternium Bar
Eternium Cloak.png Eternium Cloak.png  Eternium Cloak
Eternium Crystal.png Eternium Crystal.png  Eternium Crystal
Eternium Gravity Necklace.png Eternium Gravity Necklace.png Eternium Gravity Necklace
Eternium Great Helm.png Eternium Great Helm.png Eternium Geat Helm
Eternium Greaves.png Eternium Greaves.png  Eternium Greaves
Eternium Javelin.png Eternium Javelin.png  Eternium Javelin
Eternium Ore.png Eternium Ore.png  Eternium Ore
Eternium Plate Mail.png Eternium Plate Mail.png  Eternium Plate Mail
Eternium ring.png Eternium ring.png Eternium Ring
Eternium Spear.png Eternium Spear.png Eternium Spear
Eternium Sword.png Eternium Sword.png Eternium Sword
Feather Cannon.png Feather Cannon.png Feather Cannon
Fish Soul.png Fish Soul.png Fish Soul
Flaming Dart Trap.png Flaming Dart Trap.png Flaming Dart Trap
Frosty Helmet.png Frosty Helmet.png Frosty Helmet
Frozen Flail.png Frozen Flail.png Frozen Flail
Frozen Saber.png Frozen Saber.png Frozen Saber
Gold Boomerang.png Gold Boomerang.png Gold Boomerang
Gold Javelin.png Gold Javelin.png Gold Javelin
Gold War Hammer.png Gold War Hammer.png Gold War Hammer
Harpy Aura.png Harpy Aura.png Harpy Aura
Harpy Soul.png Harpy Soul.png Harpy Soul
Hellfire Dart Trap.png Hellfire Dart Trap.png Hellfire Dart Trap
Hungry Harpoon.png Hungry Harpoon.png Hungry Harpoon
Ice Armor.png Ice Armor.png Ice Armor
Ice Bow.png Ice Bow.png Ice Bow
Ice Chair.png Ice Chair.png Ice Chair
Ice Clock.png Ice Clock.png Ice Clock
Ice Crystal.png Ice Crystal.png Ice Crystal
Ice Furnace.png Ice Furnace.png Ice Furnace
Ice Helmet.png Ice Helmet.png Ice Helmet
Ice Javelin.png Ice Javelin.png Ice Javelin
Ice Pants.png Ice Pants.png Ice Pants
Ice Spear.png Ice Spear.png Ice Spear
Ice Sword.png Ice Sword.png Ice Sword
Ice Table.png Ice Table.png Ice Table
Ice Throne.png Ice Throne.png Ice Throne
Ice Wall.png Ice Wall.png Ice Wall
Ice.png Ice.png Ice
Icy Chandelier.png Icy Chandelier.png Icy Chandelier
Icy Winds.png Icy Winds.png Icy Winds
Intrepid Sword.png Intrepid Sword.png Intrepid Sword
IR Captor.png IR Captor.png IR Captor
IR Emittor.png IR Emittor.png IR Emittor
Iron Boomerang.png Iron Boomerang.png Iron Boomerang
Iron Javelin.png Iron Javelin.png Iron Javelin
Iron War Hammer.png Iron War Hammer.png Iron War Hammer
Jungle Javelin.png Jungle Javelin.png Jungle Javelin
Lava Boulder.png Lava Boulder.png Lava Boulder
Magic Bow.png Magic Bow.png Magic Bow
Magic Emerald Staff Lv1.pngMagic Emerald Staff Lv2.pngMagic Emerald Staff Lv3.pngMagic Emerald Staff Lv4.png Magic Emerald Staff Lv1.png
Magic Emerald Staff Lv2.png

Magic Emerald Staff Lv3.png
Magic Emerald Staff Lv4.png

Magic Emerald Staff
Magic Ruby Staff Lv1.pngMagic Ruby Staff Lv2.pngMagic Ruby Staff Lv3.pngMagic Ruby Staff Lv4.png Magic Ruby Staff Lv1.png
Magic Ruby Staff Lv2.png

Magic Ruby Staff Lv3.png
Magic Ruby Staff Lv4.png

Magic Ruby Staff
Magic Sapphire Staff Lv1.pngMagic Sapphire Staff Lv2.pngMagic Sapphire Staff Lv3.pngMagic Sapphire Staff Lv4.png Magic Sapphire Staff Lv1.png
Magic Sapphire Staff Lv2.png

Magic Sapphire Staff Lv3.png
Magic Sapphire Staff Lv4.png

Magic Sapphire Staff
Magic Topaz Staff Lv1.pngMagic Topaz Staff Lv2.pngMagic Topaz Staff Lv3.pngMagic Topaz Staff Lv4.png Magic Topaz Staff Lv1.png
Magic Topaz Staff Lv2.png

Magic Topaz Staff Lv3.png
Magic Topaz Staff Lv4.png

Magic Topaz Staff
Mechanical Feather.png Mechanical Feather.png Mechanical Feather
Mechanical Rabbit.png Mechanical Rabbit.png Mechanical Rabbit
Melting Blade.png Melting Blade.png Melting Blade
Meteor Axe.png Meteor Axe.png Meteor Axe
Meteor Boomerang.png Meteor Boomerang.png Meteor Boomerang
Meteor Hammer.png Meteor Hammer.png Meteor Hammer
Meteor Javelin.png Meteor Javelin.png Meteor Javelin
Meteor Pickaxe.png Meteor Pickaxe.png Meteor Pickaxe
Molten Javelin.png Molten Javelin.png Molten Javelin
Mythril Hamaxe.png Mythril Hamaxe.png Mythril Hamaxe
Necro Axe.png Necro Axe.png Necro Axe
Necro Hammer.png Necro Hammer.png Necro Hammer
Necro Javelin.png Necro Javelin.png Necro Javelin
Necro Pickaxe.png Necro Pickaxe.png Necro Pickaxe
Pixie Aura.png Pixie Aura.png Pixie Aura
Pixie Soul.png Pixie Soul.png Pixie Soul
Poisoned Arrow.png Poisoned Arrow.png Poisoned Arrow
Rabbit Armor.png Rabbit Armor.png Rabbit Armor
Rabbit Leather.png Rabbit Leather.png Rabbit Leather
Rabbit Shoes.png Rabbit Shoes.png Rabbit Shoes
Rabbiter.png Rabbiter.png Rabbiter
Reinforced Magic Bow.png Reinforced Magic Bow.png Reinforced Magic Bow
Repeater.png Repeater.png Repeater
Shadow Boomerang.png Shadow Boomerang.png Shadow Boomerang
Shadow Javelin.png Shadow Javelin.png Shadow Javelin
Silicium.png Silicium.png Silicium
Silver Boomerang.png Silver Boomerang.png Silver Boomerang
Silver Javelin.png Silver Javelin.png Silver Javelin
Silver War Hammer.png Silver War Hammer.png Silver War Hammer
Slime Cage.png Slime Cage.png Slime Cage
Slowing Arrow.png Slowing Arrow.png Slowing Arrow
Snow Ball.png Snow Ball.png Snow Ball
Soul Catcher.png Soul Catcher.png Soul Catcher
Space Armor.png Space Armor.png Space Armor
Space Helmet.png Space Helmet.png Space Helmet
Space Pants.png Space Pants.png Space Pants
Starsword.png Starsword.png Starsword
Tanooki Armor.png Tanooki Armor.png Tanooki Armor
Tanooki Head.png Tanooki Head.png Tanooki Head
Tanooki Shoes.png Tanooki Shoes.png Tanooki Shoes
Teleporting Arrow.png Teleporting Arrow.png Teleporting Arrow
Time Portal.png Time Portal.png Time Portal
Titan Grapple.png Titan Grapple.png Titan Grapple
Torch Launcher.png Torch Launcher.png Torch Launcher
Torch Arrow.png Torch Arrow.png Torch Arrow
Wooden Javelin.png Wooden Javelin.png Wooden Javelin
Worm Cage.png Worm Cage.png Worm Cage
Image Image Name NPC Name
Black Shark.png Black Shark.png Black Shark
Bullfrog.png Bullfrog.png Bullfrog
Cave Harpy.png Cave Harpy.png Cave Harpy
Chameleon.png Chameleon.png Chameleon
ObsidianModChicken.png ObsidianModChicken.png Chicken
Crawler.png Crawler.png Crawler
Dark Wyvern.png Dark Wyvern.png Dark Wyvern
Egg.png Egg.png Egg
Frost Demon.png Frost Demon.png Frost Demon
Frost Queen.png Frost Queen.png Frost Queen
Giant Spider.png Giant Spider.png Giant Spider
Golem.png Golem.png Golem
Lava Slime.png Lava Slime.png Earth Slime
Microraptor.png Microraptor.png Microraptor
Mini Spider.png Mini Spider.png Mini Spider
Minotaur.png Minotaur.png Minotaur
Omnir.png Omnir.png Omnir
Plesiosaur.png Plesiosaur.png Plesiosaur
Pterosaur.png Pterosaur.png Pterosaur
Raptor.png Raptor.png Raptor
Rat.png Rat.png Rat
Shadow.png Shadow.png Shadow
Shield Rat.png Shield Rat.png Shield Rat
Giant Snake.png Giant Snake.png Snake
SnowOwl.png SnowOwl.png Snow Owl
Troll.png Troll.png Troll
Ultra Slime.png Ultra Slime.png Ultra Slime
Raptor.png Raptor.png Undead Raptor
Yeti.png Yeti.png Yeti

Toparia Mod

Images from the Toparia mod can be found in this section.

Image Image Name Item Name
Item mod copper candle.png Item_mod_copper_candle.png Copper Candle
Item mod silver candle.png Item_mod_silver_candle.png Silver Candle
Item mod cobalt candle.png Item_mod_cobalt_candle.png Cobalt Candle
Item mod mythril candle.png Item_mod_mythril_candle.png Mythril Candle
Item mod adamantite candle.png Item_mod_adamantite_candle.png Adamantite Candle
Item mod copper candelabra.png Item_mod_copper_candelabra.png Copper Candelabra
Item mod silver candelabra.png Item_mod_silver_candelabra.png Silver Candelabra
Item mod cobalt candelabra.png Item_mod_cobalt_candelabra.png Cobalt Candelabra
Item mod mythril candelabra.png Item_mod_mythril_candelabra.png Mythril Candelabra
Item mod adamantite candelabra.png Item_mod_adamantite_candelabra.png Adamantite Candelabra
Item mod cobalt chandelier.png Item_mod_cobalt_chandelier.png Cobalt Chandelier
Item mod mythril chandelier.png Item_mod_mythril_chandelier.png Mythril Chandelier
Item mod adamantite chandelier.png Item_mod_adamantite_chandelier.png Adamantite Chandelier
Item mod rough bed.png Item_mod_rough_bed.png Rough Bed
Item mod training dummy.png Item_mod_training_dummy.png Training Dummy
Item mod archery target.png Item_mod_archery_target.png Archery Target
Item mod stone pickaxe.png Item_mod_stone_pickaxe.png Stone Pickaxe
Item mod stone axe.png Item_mod_stone_axe.png Stone Axe
Item mod goo staff.png Item_mod_goo_staff.png Goo Staff
Item mod shining goo staff.png Item_mod_shining_goo_staff.png Shining Goo Staff
Item mod acid goo staff.png Item_mod_acid_goo_staff.png Acidic Goo Staff
Item mod flaming knife.png Item_mod_flaming_knife.png Flaming Knife
Item mod adamantite knife.png Item_mod_adamantite_knife.png Adamantite Knife
Item mod assassin knife.png Item_mod_assassin_knife.png Assassin Knife
Item mod cobalt shuriken.png Item_mod_cobalt_shuriken.png Cobalt Shuriken
Item mod mythril disc.png Item_mod_mythril_disc.png Mythril Disc
Item mod monster gore.png Item_mod_monster_gore.png Monster Gore
Item mod rabbit blood.png Item_mod_rabbit_blood.png Rabbit Blood
Item mod BloodFetish.png Item_mod_BloodFetish.png Blood Fetish
Item mod stone skin.png Item_mod_stone_skin.png Stone Skin
Item mod battle spirit.png Item_mod_battle_spirit.png Battle Spirit
Item mod warrior strength.png Item_mod_warrior_strength.png Warrior Strength
Item mod defensive stance.png Item_mod_defensive_stance.png Defensive Stance
Item mod body of steel.png Item_mod_body_of_steel.png Body of Steel
Item mod quick feet.png Item_mod_quick_feet.png Quick Feet
Item mod nimbleness.png Item_mod_nimbleness.png Nimbleness
Item mod shadow sense.png Item_mod_shadow_sense.png Shadow Sense
Item mod poisoned weapons.png Item_mod_poisoned_weapons.png Poisoned Weapons
Item mod escape artist.png Item_mod_escape_artist.png Escape Artist
Item mod precision.png Item_mod_precision.png Precision
Item mod skirmisher.png Item_mod_skirmisher.png Skirmisher
Item mod battle stance.png Item_mod_battle_stance.png Battle Stance
Item mod concentration.png Item_mod_concentration.png Concentration
Item mod increased senses.png Item_mod_increased_senses.png Increased Senses
Item mod enchant item.png Item_mod_enchant_item.png Enchant Item
Item mod expand mind.png Item_mod_expand_mind.png Expand Mind
Item mod haste.png Item_mod_haste.png Haste
Item mod overcharge.png Item_mod_overcharge.png Overcharge
Item mod gravity control.png Item_mod_gravity_control.png Gravity Control