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Buildaria is distinguished from other map editors by the ability to build in-game, instead of through a program. Among other features, it allows copy and paste, unlimited material use, and a "noclip" mode.



  • You can edit the "BuildariaConfig.xml" file using Notepad to alter several values, such as "God Mode". This file can be found in the root Terraria folder.


  • Unlimited amount of every obtainable item in the game.
  • Ability to place blocks and walls anywhere without restriction.
  • Powerful tools that destroy anything with a single click (can be turned down).
  • "Infinite" Spectre Boots.
  • X,Y coordinates display.
  • World ID and Name display.
  • Display the System Time (according to your computer).
  • Define the default spawn location with the press of a key.
  • Teleportation System. Allows you to teleport to the default spawn location and the edges of the map.
    • You can also define custom teleport locations utilizing the BuildariaConfig.xml file and X,Y coordinates.
  • Selection tool for quick filling and removal of blocks and walls.
  • Copy & Paste system utilizing the selection tool.
  • Many toggleable features, including:
    • God Mode.
    • No-clip.
    • NPC spawning.
    • Day & Night cycling.
    • Light Aura.
    • Building Grid.
    • Item Drops (warning: excessive use of hiding drops could cause lag).

Note: This list is just a small fraction of the things Buildaria can do. For greater detail and more information, check out the always updated readme file .


  • To install, simply download the executable and run it. Next, select the components that you want to install.
  • If you want the source code of the program, and also for more information; please visit this link.