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Mimics are a type of enemy that look like wooden, frozen, golden or locked shadow chests. They will stay still initially, but will reveal themselves by jumping and biting the player if he/she moves within their attack range. Another way to reveal a Mimic is to shoot it from a distance. If the chest is a Mimic, it will take damage and move to attack the player, revealing itself in doing so.

Unlike regular chests, Mimics will not glow while under the effects of a Spelunker Potion, making it easy to differentiate between a Mimic and a standard chest. They do, however, glow under the effects of the Hunter Potion. Similar to their passive counterparts, Mimics are usually found underground, but can rarely appear on the Surface in front of natural background walls. Mimics will also appear on maps for the console version of the game. A Lifeform Analyzer will detect all types of mimics making finding slightly easier.

The Mimic is a Hard Mode monster, so it cannot be encountered naturally before the Wall of Flesh is defeated. Mimics can be spawned by powering the Chest Statue, but they will only drop the Mimic Banner when spawned this way.


  • All varieties of Mimics with the exception of Ice Mimics have the same stats and drop the same items upon death unless spawned via Chest Statue. As of version 1.3, new varieties of Mimic have been added, including the Present Mimic, Crimson Mimic, Hallowed Mimic, and Corrupt Mimic. These are significantly more powerful than standard Mimics and cannot be summoned via statue.
  • Ice Mimics have their own loot table consisting of ice-themed equipment.
  • It can be distinguished from a Chest if it is lying on one block or a half-block, or in front of another background objects, or if it doesn't show up on the map as a chest.
  • Newly discovered Chests can be shot before approached. This will have no effect on an actual Chest, while a Mimic will respond to the damage.
  • Mimics seem to spawn more frequently in the Underground Corruption, Lihzahrd Temple, Underground Crimson, and Underground Hallow. This is because a smaller variety of monsters can spawn in these biomes.
  • As all items dropped by Mimics have purple or orange rarity and will not melt in lava, a good way to farm mimics is to run through the Underworld and knock them into the sea of lava, then either grab the item from the side or use an Obsidian Skin Potion or (if the lava isn't too deep and you have a quick way to get out of it) a Lava Charm to retrieve them. However, this will cause the large amount of money that it drops to be lost, so this is less than preferable farming method if you care about money. Otherwise, make the lava thin enough for the money to not melt. 1 bucket of lava placed on a 6 block wide platform will damage enemies while not damaging items.
  • One strategy for farming them is dropping down a Hellevator shaft after drinking a Hunter Potion and watching for any glowing chests, then using a Magic Mirror to return to the top and repeat.
  • When in standby mode, Mimics don't have a mouseover tooltip, just like regular chests. But when they reveal themselves and start attacking the player, the usual monster tooltip appears when they are hovered over.
  • It's highly recommended that you should unlock and remove all Shadow Chests in the Underworld before the Wall of Flesh is defeated. After doing so, any locked Shadow Chests found there are Mimics. (Tested on iOS and Android to be untrue, sadly)
  • Another way to spot a Mimic is by checking the Minimap. Whereas a normal chest would appear as a 2x2 square, a Mimic will not appear at all.
  • An easy way to tell a Mimic and a Gold Chest apart is by the fact that Mimics will not "sparkle" like Gold Chests.
  • Summoned minions will always attack Mimics on sight, regardless of whether they have revealed themselves. This also works with any enemy-homing attacks, making finding them much easier.
  • If one wishes to farm them just to get the Mimic Banner, they can set up a large room with at least one Chest Statue inside. Then, hook up the statue and some traps (the traps from the Lihzahrd Temple work especially well for this) to a 1 Second Timer. Then, activate the timer and wait in a safe spot. If you have the Frostspark Boots, you can make the floor out of Ice Blocks to increase item pickup speed. But be wary of any spiked balls from any Spiky Ball Trap that you used.
  • In the mobile version, Mimics drop Light Discs instead of Compasses.


  • Monsters that trick the players by disguising themselves as treasure chests are commonplace in many RPGs, mainly dungeon crawlers where treasure chests are common enough to make the player unsuspecting. The vast majority of them are also called Mimics.


  • On Xbox one mimics spawned by statues could drop items the normal mimic would naturally. This would only happen if it didn't die at spawn. FIXED. could possibly be on mobile

Update Info



  • New variety of Mimics with a new loot table will now spawn in Underground Snow Biomes.


  • Added to the game.


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