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This article is about the world setting. For the NPC Home requirement, see Home#Light Source.

Light increases the world's visibility, though Monsters are not visibly affected by it or its absence. Light does not prevent Monsters from spawning, nor does it reduce their spawn rate.

There are a large number of items that produce light, including the following:

Light source examples

Certain Tools, Weapons and Armor · Fairies (from Fairy Bell) · Wisp (from Wisp in a Bottle) · Mining Helmet · Mythril Armor · Orb of Light

Furniture Candle · Candelabra · Chain Lantern · Chandelier · Chinese Lantern · Hellforge · Torch and variants
Other Certain Plants · Demon Altars · Fallen Stars · Hellstone · Lava · Shadow Orbs · Shine Potion

Light setting

Press F9 ingame to change the light setting.

There are four different light settings: color (default), white, trippy, and retro. The best light setting for you is dependent on your computer as well as your taste.

New (Smoother) lighting? Colored lighting?
Color Yes Yes
White Yes No
Trippy No Yes
Retro No No