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The Lava Waders are an accessory that combines the properties of its ingredients. They provide the ability to walk on water and lava, and grant immunity to fire blocks, 7 seconds of immunity to lava and full immunity to 1-pixel lava. They are one of very few pre-hardmode Tier 7 accessory.

The effect also stacks with the Lava Charm, which makes you immune to lava for 14 seconds.


  • If you have placed lava at the bottom of a monster killing pit, then even pressing down while standing on the lava will not incur lava damage, nor start the 7/14 second lava immunity countdown.(Icon pc.png only confirmed at this time.)
  • With the boots equipped you can negate fall damage by landing on water or lava.
  • This is one of very few Tier 7 items obtainable in pre-hardmode.

Update Info


  • Now requires the obsidian rose to craft


  • Added to the game.