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The Ivy Whip is an upgraded form of the Grappling Hook, boasting a longer reach and three separate vines. These three vines can be used for ascent, descent, positioning, or even speeding up while traveling, but you can only use three of the vines at once. The fourth will only be sent out if all the other three are attached to walls and, when it connects, forces the vine fired the earliest to return. This allows a player to position themselves in the middle of a space, unlike a traditional Grappling Hook which attaches you straight to the target surface. This allows for a significant improvement in the ease with which walls can be placed.


A player using the three vines to suspend themselves in midair.

  • The Ivy Whip does not inflict damage to monsters, but it will destroy vegetation and Pots.
  • The Ivy Whip has a length of 26 blocks or 52 feet.
  • The Ivy Whip can be used to squeeze the player through a 1-tile opening by hooking onto two spots far enough with the opening in the middle, but you cannot use it to get back out.


  • In the alpha version of Terraria, the Ivy Whip did damage to enemies, along with the Grappling Hook. Now neither of these items inflict damage to enemies.
  • Although the Ivy Whip is crafted with only three vines, a fourth will appear if you are connected with the other three. However, when the fourth is fired the first one fired will retract.
  • You can fire your Ivy Whip and then throw it away and you will still be attached to the wall.
  • Same as the other hooks, when you grappled on the door and opened the door, you will simply launch or thrown out.
  • By firing the Ivy Whip at the ground while falling fall damage will be negated, if the vine lands before you.
  • If you fire all of the vines, then use a grappling hook, one of the vines will turn into a normal grapple.
  • The Ivy Whip is one of the few items without a description. It contains the name Ivy Whip and nothing else.
  • If you fire a different grappling item then quickly fire the Ivy Whip in a different direction, the first grapple will look like the grapple you used, but will act like an Ivy Whip.
  • The Ivy Whip may be a reference to the popular 2.5D fighting game series Soul Calibur, which has a character named Ivy who uses a whip as her main weapon.


  • It is possible to attach more than 3 hooks of the Ivy Whip by fully using a Web Slinger and then switching to the use of the Ivy Whip. The effect stays until you detach all hooks.
  • If you put an Ivy Whip and another grappling hook in your hotbar, when you grapple using the Ivy Whip by clicking and then grapple again using the other hook by clicking and throwing the Ivy Whip, the grappled Ivy Whip will remain.

Update Info


  • The Grappling Hook is no longer an ingredient in the crafting recipe of the Ivy Whip.


  • Multiple vines can no longer be fired at a time.

PC release

  • Added to the game.