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The Inventory is the first storage option available in Terraria. It provides 40 slots for items to be stored and used in.

The Inventory can be opened by pressing the ESC (default) button on the keyboard. In the Inventory, collected items are stored, and can be accessed by the player. The Inventory consists of the following:


The Hotbar is the top 10 horizontal slots that items can be placed into. They are numbered 1-9 with 0 at the end, allowing the player to select 10 different items. To switch between items, press the corresponding number of the target slot, or use the mouse wheel to scroll through the Hotbar. Once an item is selected in the Hotbar, it can be used by clicking the left mouse button. To the left of the Hotbar is a small padlock that can be toggled to lock the items in place to prevent accidentally switching items by clicking.

Storage Slots

There are 40 Storage Slots in the inventory that can be used to store any items collected. After the Hotbar is full, storage slots will be filled from the bottom right to the top left.

Trash Can Slot


The Trash Can Slot is used to remove unwanted items from the inventory; it can also be used as an extra storage slot. In the Mobile Version, however, upon exiting the inventory, the item last placed in the Trash Can disappears, making it unable to be used as an extra storage slot. Items placed in the Trash Can will be destroyed if another item is put into the trash or if the world is reloaded, meaning if you want to switch something out then grab the item in the trash can first. The trash can slot has a small image of a trash can. Items can automatically be added to the trash can by shift-clicking them, however shift-trashing can be disabled for an item by favoriting (alt-clicking) it in the inventory.

Coins Slots

The Coins Slots consist of four slots used to hold the four different types of coins the player can collect throughout the game (Platinum, Gold, Silver and Copper). Only coins can be placed in these slots.

Ammo Slots

The Ammo Slots are used to store up to four stacks of Ammo. Any ammo stored in the Storage Slots will only be used once the ammo in the Ammo Slots is depleted. Despite being ammo for the Coin Gun, Coins can not be placed in the Ammo slots.

Armor Slots

The Armor Slots consists of three slots that Armor can be placed into. There is a slot for each armor type.

Social Slots

The Social Slots consists of three slots that Vanity Items and Armor can be placed into to give the player a visual effect. Although the Social Slots function similarly to the Equipment Slots, no stats can be gained from items in the Social Slots. The items in the Social Slots will cover the items placed in the Equipment Slots. Also allowing quick switching between armor pieces by right-clicking the social slot of what you want to swap when armor or accessories are in both social and equipment slots.

Dye Slots

The Dye Slots consist of eight slots that Dyes can be placed into to alter the visual aspect of Armor, Vanity Items, and Accessories. The way the inserted dye affects the armor or vanity item is dependent on the item itself. For example, dyes affect Silver Armor mainly as a barely noticeable tinge and an edge or decoration color, whilst they can completely change the color of the Rain Coat or Molten Armor.

Accessories Slots

The Accessories Slots consist of five slots where accessories can be placed to help the player. Only Accessories can be placed in these slots.


Above the armor slots is the image of a grappling hook. Clicking it will show your Equipment Slots, where you can equip a Pet, a Light Pet, a Mount, a Grappling Hook, and finally, a Minecart.


The Housing menu provides several options for managing NPC homes. To access this menu, click the small house icon next to the PvP icon in the inventory. To check if a house is suitable, click the ? button, then click anywhere inside the house. A message will appear, declaring whether or not the house is suitable for an NPC to live in. Check the Home page for info about suitable housing.

Once a house is considered acceptable, a random NPC whose move-in conditions have been met will claim the house during daytime. Reassign NPCs by right-clicking their flag in their house, then clicking their button in the Housing menu, and finally clicking anywhere inside the new house.

NPCs whose houses were assigned by the player will have flags with a gold border.


  • Occasionally, anyone other than the host on a server might lose all of their items for no explainable reason. (Multiplayer only) So far there is no known way around it.
  • On the iOS version the inventory shows only one item at a time.
  • On the Xbox One version, if the inventory is full and you use an empty bucket(when you have 2 or more empty buckets), the filled bucket will go to a available coin slot.


  • Holding the Shift key will automatically equip the first item (counting from the left) which can be used on what the player is currently mousing over (eg. an Axe for Wood, a Pickaxe for Dirt, etc.). If the player's cursor is not over a tile (or is over a background Wall), then holding this key will instead automatically equip any kind of light source (except weapons that make light when swing, like Night's Edge) like Flare Gun with Flares, Torches and Glowsticks depending on how far away from the player the cursor is, and which item, Flare Gun or Glowsticks is first placed in inventory. Flare Gun can be equipped even if there's no Flares in inventory.
  • Items can be moved around in the player's inventory by left-clicking and dragging them. Items moved in this way can also be used as if they were in the hotbar by clicking in the game world with them.
  • Only items in the Hotbar and the Storage slots can be used for crafting.
  • Once the Hotbar and Storage slots are full, the player will no longer be able to collect more items.
  • All items in the Inventory are saved to the character, so items can be taken to different worlds and servers.
  • As of PC v1.1, Armor and Accessories can be equipped from the inventory by dragging them to the appropriate slot or by right-clicking on them.
  • Players can now favorite their items by pressing Alt then left-clicking. (You can also item chat by doing this after opening the chatbox)

Update Info


  • 10 extra slots added to the inventory.
  • Added dye slots for customizing the color of armor and vanity items.


  • Housing section added to inventory.


  • Ammo Slots and Trash Can added to inventory.
  • Hotbar slots now show their shortcut keys.
  • Newly collected items will be stored from the bottom right of the inventory instead of the top left.
  • Hotbar can now be locked.


  • Added the ability to autopause the game whilst the inventory is open. Defaults to off.

PC release

  • Added to the game.

Inventory layout as of v1.0.6