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The Ice Golem is a miniboss which only spawns during a blizzard in a Snow Biome after Hard Mode is activated.

The Ice Golem is instrumental in the crafting of the Frost Armor and Frozen Wings. He is the Snow Biome counterpart of the Sand Elemental.


Ice Golems are hostile and thus attack the player. They move slowly, but will fire a laser which can inflict the player with the debuff "Frozen". They are affected very little by knockback, and have a low jump height of only about 3 blocks.


One method of defeating the Ice Golem without taking much damage is to create a trap. First, dig a ditch that is four blocks wide and eight-nine blocks high, make a doorway two blocks from the bottom, and four blocks between the door and the player's area. When the Ice Golem arrives, it will fall down the ditch and get trapped. This makes it possible to destroy the Ice Golem without taking damage.

Another way is to place blocks three to four blocks from the surface near a possible Ice Golem spawn area. When spawned, the Ice Golem will get trapped by the blocks, making it safe and easy to deal damage with ranged weapons.

Because of its low jump ability, a player can make a 5 block tall wall, and then break the first 3 blocks, making it impossible for the golem to hit the player, while still allowing players to be able to kill it with any weapon.

A third strategy is to make a platform that's about 5 blocks thick and 15 - 20 blocks long. Then make a 2 block wide (diagonal) peephole so the lasers cannot hit you. Once the golem spawns, lead him to the platform and make him diagonal from the peephole so you can shoot him. It is also recommended to make a hole diagonal from the peephole so it cannot leave the spot where you shoot him. When you lead him into the wall/spot, shoot him with a fast gun (Phoenix Blaster, Megashark, etc) so the strategy is complete. Then he will not be able to hit you, and you can kill him carefree.


  • It seems that if a player's spawn point is near enough and if said player is killed, the Ice Golem will make its way towards them to continue the battle.
  • Since only one Ice Feather is required to craft Frozen Wings in combination with 20 Souls of Flight, Ice Golems can be used to bypass the tedium of searching for souls of light/night, as long as the player is well-equipped enough to take them down.
  • There is no limit to the number of times an Ice Golem can spawn in a single blizzard, just like Sand Elementals during a sandstorm.
  • If one of the Ice Golem's lasers kills a player, the death message will be (Player's name) was killed by Ice Beem (a misspelling of Beam, perhaps).

Update Info


  • New Sprite.



  • Added to the game.