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Honey is a liquid found in pools or honeyfalls in Hive Biomes, located within the larger Underground Jungle biome. The mechanics of Honey are similar to those of water and lava. If submerged in the honey, the breath meter will start to decrease, and after it has fully decreased will deplete the player's health bar. Honey moves slower than water and also slows players, NPCs, and monsters which are touching the honey. Honey can be duplicated in the same way as lava and water. Honey can also be created when breaking hive blocks, which also spawn bees.


Honey Buff

When touching honey the player gains the "Honey" Buff, which increases life regeneration. When leaving honey, the honey buff remains for 30 seconds.



  • Honey slows down player movement drastically.
  • Because honey provides life regeneration buff, it can be used in low-hp situations. For example, the player can always have a honey bucket on hand for emergencies.
  • When using a Cell Phone or similar device, the speedometer will not reflect the speed of a mount or minecart if full speed is reached before entering honey. It will still show on the HUD as moving at top speed, though this is visibly untrue.


  • Honey can be used with two pumps (one Inlet, one Outlet) to grow exponentially. See more here, in the "Bugs" section.

An over-sized honey healing buff particle.

  • After stepping out from honey deep enough to give the regeneration buff and then talking to an NPC or opening the inventory, and if timed correctly, a nearby liquid particle will continue to grow in size forever. As long as the dialog or shopping screen is kept open, it will grow. Once the dialog is closed, the particle will rotate and shrink until it disappears. This can only be done in Singleplayer.

Update Info


  • Teleporting from Honey to Water will no longer leave the player moving slowly, as if they are still in honey.


  • Pumping honey will no longer turn honey into water


  • Added to the game.