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Using a Hammer to break a Heart Crystal. Notice that this is no longer possible on v1.2 (as now objects are removed with a pickaxe).

Hammers are tools used to break down walls, create halftiles and can be used to reshape blocks.

The hammer is also used to destroy Walls that have been placed by the player. Naturally occurring walls, such as cave walls, are unaffected by hammers unless broken from the edges. This includes dirt wall, stone wall, ebonstone wall, pearlstone wall, molten wall, and dungeon brick wall. Even if they are player placed, the walls must be broken from the edge of the walls.

As of the 1.2 update hammers may also be used to shape certain blocks, such as wood, stone, etc. into a more desirable appearance, as well as reshape blocks or change their appearance, like changing the height of Wood Platforms. Reshaping blocks will also allow them to produce waterfalls from any liquid in contact with them. (Eg: hitting a regular block once will turn it into a half block, then the next two will be slopes, then back to regular on the fourth hit).

The Breaker and the Flesh Grinder are the only hammers that can be used as a weapon on par with other weapons of its tier (does a big 24 damage and heavy knockback.)

Although low-tier hammers have futile damage, they can still be used to knock enemies away since they have good knockback.

Every hammer that has 80% or more hammer power are capable to destroy a Demon Altar in hardmode.

There are a total of 23 different hammers:

Hammer Damage Hammer Power Speed Materials to Craft
Terraria Wooden Hammer.png Wooden Hammer 2 25% Average 8 Wood
Terraria Copper Hammer.png Copper Hammer 4 35% Slow 10 Copper Bars, 3 Wood
Rich Mahogany Hammer.png Rich Mahogany Hammer 4 35% Slow 8 Rich Mahogany
Tin Hammer.png Tin Hammer 6 38% Slow 10 Tin Bars, 3 Wood
Shadewood Hammer.png Shadewood Hammer 7 40% Average 8 Shadewood
Ebonwood Hammer.png Ebonwood Hammer 7 40% Average 8 Ebonwood
Iron Hammer.png Iron Hammer 7 45% Average 10 Iron Bars, 3 Wood
Lead Hammer.png Lead Hammer 8 43% Average 10 Lead Bars, 3 Wood
Terraria Silver Hammer.png Silver Hammer 9 45% Average 10 Silver Bars, 3 Wood
Pearlwood Hammer.png Pearlwood Hammer 9 45% Average 8 Pearlwood
Terraria Gold Hammer.png Gold Hammer 9 55% Average 10 Gold Bars, 3 Wood
Tungsten Hammer.png Tungsten Hammer 9 55% Average 10 Tungsten Bars, 3 Wood
Flesh Grinder.png Flesh Grinder 23 55% Very Slow 10 Crimtane Bars, 5 Tissue Samples
Terraria The Breaker.png The Breaker 24 55% Very Slow

10 Demonite Bars, 5 Shadow Scales

Platinum Hammer.png Platinum Hammer 10 59% Average 10 Platinum Bars, 3 Wood
Terraria Meteor Hamaxe.png Meteor Hamaxe 20 60%
(+ 100% Axe power)
Average 35 Meteorite Bars
Molten Hamaxe.png Molten Hamaxe 20 70%
(+ 150% Axe power)

15 Hellstone Bars

Rockfish(refined).png Rockfish 24 70% Fast

Fishing in Caves

Terraria Pwnhammer.png Pwnhammer 26 80% Average Guaranteed drop from the Wall of Flesh
Item 787o.png Hammush 26 85% Average Item purchase from Truffle
Chlorophyte Jackhammer Chlorophyte Jackhammer 45 90% Fast 18 Chlorophyte Bars
Chlorophyte Warhammer Chlorophyte Warhammer 80 90% Slow 18 Chlorophyte Bars
Spectre Hamaxe Spectre Hamaxe 60 90%
(+ 115% Axe power)
Average 18 Ectoplasm, 18 Chlorophyte Bars
The Axe The Axe 72 100%
(+ 175% Axe power)
Fast Rare drop from Plantera


  • If a sloped block is placed on top of a half block, and a Player stands on the very edge of the lower side of the sloped block, The player will appear to float one block higher. This has been confirmed on Multiplayer.