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A Hallowed Desert

The Hallowed Desert biome forms when the Hallow spreads to a Desert. Hallowed Deserts can only spawn in Hardmode worlds, unless you use the Clentaminatorwith Blue Solution or Holy Water. It replaces sand with Pearlsand, and normal Cacti with teal "hallowed" cacti. 

In order for a biome to be considered a Hallowed Desert, a minimum of 1,000 Pearlsand, Pearlsandstone or Hardened Pearlsand blocks must be present in an area.


The Hallowed Desert have the unique enemies that exclusively inhabits the biome. Since The Hallow is a Hardmode biome, all monsters in the list will only spawn once the Wall of Flesh is defeated in the world.


Update Info


  • Added Teal Hallowed Cacti.


  • Added to the game.